Media Histories

Node Convenor: Dr Bridget Griffen-Foley

The field of media history in Australia is in an embryonic stage. Although there have been significant historical studies in recent years of aspects of the diverse and rapidly changing Australian media landscape, the field is considerably less developed than it is overseas. There is a pressing need for scholars of the Australian media to engage in interdisciplinary and conceptual exchanges, both nationally and internationally, and to consider connections between media genres, outlets and audiences. The media history node of the Cultural Research Network aims to alert scholars to current work in the field; identify and cultivate new projects; and further conceptual understandings of the histories of Australian advertising, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, publishing, film, games and the Internet.

Current Projects

Australian Media History Database

Australian Media History Listserv

Australian Radio Audio Researchers Association

Australian Television and Popular Memory

Media Archives Project Pilot Study

Media Histories Subsidies

Obsolescence: Media history, policy and aesthetics (with Cultural Technologies Node)

Program for Australian Television History (PATH)

Queer Asian Sites

Television and Memory Group (with Cultural Histories and Geographies Node)

Western Australian Media History