Cultural Identities and Communities

Node Convenor: Dr Greg Noble

Among the shifts in our understanding of the function of the media and of cultural technologies generally, is that we have begun to focus more upon their participation in the construction of cultural identity. Further, where once the examination of cultural identity tended to have a nationalist focus—looking at the formation of national identities—more recent work has examined the construction of subcultural, community, regional, and local identities with as much interest as the national. The ways in which particular ethnicities negotiate their connection to national identities, to notions of belonging, has been a focus for researchers in Europe and Australia in recent years, and how popular cultural forms participate in such processes has become a major focus of cultural and media studies.

Current Projects

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Communication Across Borders: India – Australia

Communities versus Publics

The Ethics of Consuming (with Cultural Histories and Geographies Node)

Listening to the Other in multicultural Australia

Micro-publics & the Multicultural (sub)urban

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(un)Panicked Communities Project