Cultural Histories and Geographies

Node Convenors: Prof Kate Darian-Smith and Assoc Prof Chris Gibson

Cultural studies has been marked by its contemporary focus—dealing with the cultural forms of the present. Its approaches have been applied to more than these, however. The trade between cultural history and cultural geography in particular, as a means of dealing with the perspectives of time, place and space required to properly understand cultural processes, has been assisted by concepts developed within cultural studies. As a result of such exchange, in turn, contemporary cultural research now routinely locates and historicises its objects—placing them at a specific time and place as one of the means of understanding them.

Current Projects

Creative Articulations Project (with Cultural Technologies Node)

Cultural Memory and Narrative Group

The Ethics of Consuming (with Cultural Identities and Communities Node)

Material Geographies of Household Sustainability

Nature Cultures Group

Rural Cultural Research Program

Self, Place and Broadband Connectivity: Making and Making Do (with Cultural Technologies Node)

Television and Memory Group (with Media Histories Node)