Network Achievements

In its 5 years of operation, the CRN has produced many positive outcomes in terms of publications, presentations, and successful funding applications. Click here to see the list of successes.

37 Research projects, many of them still progressing.

Numerous masterclasses, workshops, symposia, and research roundtables.



The Cultural Research Network was one of 24 Research Networks funded by the Australian Research Council from 2004 until 2009, and one of only three Networks from the humanities and social sciences. By the end of the funding period, the CRN had partnerships with 11 Australian universities, and had 73 participants from 21 institutions.

Its disciplinary base was in cultural, media and communications studies. From this foundation it has built collaborative links with researchers from cultural history, cultural geography, cultural anthropology and creative industries to develop the capacity for innovative research into media and cultural technologies, cultural literacies, cultural histories and geographies, and cultural identities.


ARC Cultural Research Network: RN0459928