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Professor John Hartley

Dean, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology

Current ARC Projects

2004 'Creative digital industries in Australia: innovation in quantitative and qualitative mapping'

2002-2003 'Youth Internet Radio Network: Ethnographic Action Research of an Emerging Media Technology'

2003 'Internationalising Creative Industries: China, the WTO and the Knowledge-based Economy'

2002 'Creative Industries in Queensland: Cluster Mapping and Value-chain Analysis'



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Founding Editor of the International Journal of Cultural Studies (London: Sage Publications), 1998 to date.

Refereed Articles (selected, since 2000)

John Hartley and Catharine Lumby (2002) 'Working Girls or Drop Dead Gorgeous? Young Girls in Fashion and News.' In Kerry Mallan and Sharyn Pearce (eds) Youth Cultures: Texts, Images and Identities. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

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Michael Keane and John Hartley (2001) From Ceremony to CD-ROM: Indigenous Creative Industries in Brisbane. Report prepared for the Economic Development Branch, Brisbane City Council.

John Hartley, Alan McKee, Elinor Rennie, Michael Keane (2000) 'Regional Radio: An Indigenous Perspective.' Canberra: ATSIC: www.aph.gov.au/house/committee/cta/irsub.htm (#190).

Current Research Interests

cultural studies

media studies

journalism studies