9.00-9.30 Registration and Welcome.

Graeme Turner [re: RQF & other issues]

Susan Luckman

Emily Potter

9.30-11.00 Communicating Cultural Research beyond the Academy

Catharine Lumby [Cultural Research in the Mainstream Media]

Graeme Turner [Intervening in Policy Debates/Curricula]

Stuart Cunningham [CHASS; Impact Vs Quality re: RQF]

11.00-11.30 Morning Tea

11.30-13.30 Media Team Australia Workshop (with Annie O’Rourke)

13.30-14.30 Lunch

14.30-16.00 Employment and Communication Outside the Academy

Kate Darian-Smith

Jeremy MacKinnon

Nicole Anderson

Elspeth Probyn

Carol Williams

16:00-17:30 Public Intellectualism: The Way Forward?

Catharine Lumby

Maria Tumarkin

Mel Gregg

17.30 on function at Aroma


Elspeth Probyn is Professor of Gender and Cultural Studies at the  University of Sydney. She has taught and held Visiting Fellowhips in  the USA, Canada, and the UK. Throughout her career she has attemnpted to work with and to work across traditional academic structures in order to allow for new conceptions of intellectual research.

Carol Williams has over twenty five years experience in the film and television industry working firstly as a freelance production manager for ten years before turning to script writing. Some of her production credits include the acclaimed feature film, "Manganinnie"; an Australian/U.S. co-production "Now & Forever", the award winning television drama "Captives of Care" and many others. From there moved on to scriptwriting, script producing, script editing, credits including, among others, the popular series "A Country Practice", "Blue Heelers" and McLeod's Daughters, the multi-award winning "G.P.", the internationally successful "Heartbreak High", before moving to London to write for "The Bill".

Jeremy Mackinnon feels his time in the academy prepared him brilliantly for his post-university career: Managing his growing HECS debt gave him the financial nous required to work for two weeks in the accounting department of the Proud Australia travel group; the beautifully landscaped grounds of the University of Adelaide inspired his work stacking fertilizer in K-Mart; the soothing drone of lecturers' voices gave him some inkling of the patience that would be required during his stint as a transcriber; and the endless hours of procrastination spent in front of the TV prepared him well for his time working with ABC Television. And of course, his Ph.D. in English Literature enabled him to bring the tools of Critical Theory and Deconstruction to bear on his day-to-day work on a cooking show.