Rural Cultural Research Planning Workshops

Rural Cultural Research Project


Planning Workshop A: this 2 day workshop in February 2006 set out the parameters for the program activities and aims.

Planning Workshop B: An intensive session to be held in Bega on 14th - 16th February 2007, this 2 day workshop will bring the key CRN players in rural cultural research together to examine new scholarship models, methodologies, and community-academic engagement. It will also provide an opportunity to ‘test the rhetoric’ of the project by exploring links with local partners on the ‘Mapping rural media histories’ project. For more details contact Kate Darian-Smith.

Writing Workshop: An intensive writing workshop for all working on the ARC Discovery application. Will be held in Melbourne in December 2007.

Industry Partners Workshop: This will be an invitation to key industry stakeholders and potential partners to explore collaborative work that that has, and could occur, in rural cultural research. It will be open to all on the CRN. Will be held in Brisbane in late 2007 or early 2008.

For more information about any of these workshops, please contact project coordinator Professor Kate Darian-Smith.