Rural Cultural Research Symposium

Rural Cultural Research Project

This 2 day event to be held in July 2007 in Wollongong, will provide the opportunity for those within the CRN, other identified key researchers, and postgraduates and ECRs to present papers on current research. The intention is to use CRN funds to support postgraduates from around Australia to gather and present papers, plus invite leading global scholars (e.g. Paul Cloke, Jo Little) to travel to Australia to participate in the symposium.

As well as research papers, substantial time will be allocated for broader workshop discussions on aspects of conducting cultural research in rural areas. A model used as a template for this symposium is one used by geographers at the University of Wollongong to support the ‘Geography and the politics of environmental knowledges’ symposium featuring Prof. Noel Castree (Manchester) in July 2006. It is preferable to hold this symposium in this format rather than as a ‘travelling masterclass’ because of the often scattered geography of working in rural cultural research – it being more efficient to subsidise postgraduate attendance from diverse places for one event than for multiple smaller events in each state.

Future plans for the research program will also be mapped out at this event in a smaller business meeting of the key CRN personnel.

For more information about this symposium, please contact project coordinator Professor Kate Darian-Smith.