PATH Planning Meeting

May 18, 2006
National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra

Professor John Hartley, ARC Federation Fellow at QUT, has agreed to lead this project, and since the meeting in December a small team consisting of John, Joshua Green and Liz Jacka, has drawn up a draft plan of action, which we would like to discuss with the PATH group on May 18.

The essence of the plan is to establish a partnership between a group of academics on the one hand, and key broadcasters and cultural institutions on the other, to apply for a large Australian Research Council Linkage grant, to research, document and exhibit the history of television in Australia.

It is envisaged that, under Professor Hartley’s general leadership, a team of chief researchers from both academia and the partner organizations would be established. Each would be responsible for some portion of the overall research project. Each would in turn attach other researchers to undertake portions of the work. It is envisaged that the research funds obtained would provide, among other things, teaching release for chief researchers and research assistance to enable them to participate fully and for the outcomes to be realised in a reasonable length of time. We are also planning to seek funding for a project manager, to ensure that a complex project such as the one envisaged is kept on track.

The outcomes envisaged include an Encyclopaedia of Australian television, exhibitions, web-sites, scholarly articles, edited collections, interpretive monographs.

In order to succeed this project requires that all the existing expertise in Australian television is marshalled. We hope that all those academics and partner institutions with a commitment to Australian television and its history will be able to attend the May meeting and to contribute to furthering this ambitious project.


10 am – Welcome – Marilyn Higgins

10.10am – Address by Paolo Cherchi Usai, Director NFSA on new curatorial directions of the NFSA

10.30 – Outline of PATH (Program for Australian Television History) Professor John Hartley and Dr Joshua Green

11am – Roundtable on forward planning the PATH project facilitated by Professor Liz Jacka

Conceptual shape of the project
Partners and researchers
Archives and access
Curatorial issues
Project management

12.30 – Lunch

1.30 pm – Presentation on the NFSA – Meg Labrum, Chief Curator, NFSA

2.00 – Tour of the NFSA

3pm - Close