Outreach Project

Project Organiser: Dr Clifton Evers
Early Career Researcher and Postgraduate Development Node

The ECR/Postgraduate Node funds PG and ECR travel to workshops, masterclasses, and networking opportunities. One of the aims of the ECR/postgraduate group is further outreach to ECRs and PGs who may not otherwise have access to the Network’s activities, and so broaden the research and collaborative scope for everyone. The professional development of ECRs and Postgraduates is a foundation aim of the group.

To accomplish this aim we are running a series of “open door” sessions that brings established and experienced CRN researchers into direct contact with postgraduates and emerging ECRs. Each “open door” session involves six applicants from a university registering for a 45 min one-on-one session with the CRN member. The sessions provide the opportunity for the visiting CRN member, ECRs and PGs to discuss grant applications, publishing, being a public intellectual, linkages and research partnerships, mentoring, and other opportunities. The ECR and Postgraduate participants are asked to advise, in advance, what they would like to discuss - publications, career, research collaborations, or any other advice or networking needs they require. The CRN covers funding of accommodation of the visiting professor, catering, and airfare. The host campus is asked to provide a room for the day, and a contact on campus.

We hope CRN members find the initiative promising and useful, and we look forward to hearing from you if you have contacts who you think would be interested in the initiative.

Please contact: Dr Clifton Evers, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Journalism and Media Research Centre, University of New South Wales, Phone: +61 2 9385 8531; Email: clifton.evers@unsw.edu.au


To date

Professor Graeme Turner hosted by University of South Australia
Professor Catharine Lumby hosted by University of Tasmania
Professor Kate Darian-Smith hosted by University of Southern Queensland
Professor Elspeth Probyn hosted by Monash University


Professor Tom O’Regan to be hosted by Edith Cowan University
Associate Professor Chris Gibson to be hosted by Southern Cross University
Associate Professor Alan McKee to be hosted by Deakin university
Professor David Marshall to be hosted by Newcastle University
TBA hosted by Flinders University
TBA hosted by Charles Darwin University