Mobile Methods

Cultural Technologies Node

Co-ordinator: Gerard Goggin and Kate Crawford

University of NSW
November 2009


This activity is a two-day workshop on methods, concepts and agenda for mobiles cultural research. To be held at the University of New South Wales, it will draw together leading Australian mobiles researchers, with key industry, regulatory, and government stakeholders, to focus upon:

There has been significant interest in mobile and wireless technologies, and a number of notable projects underway in Australia (including at least 4 large ARC-funded projects). However, there has not been the opportunity to bring together these researchers, and others working in mobiles and cultural research, for a detailed discussion and comparison of methods and concepts. This is important not only to develop and further cultural research in mobiles (and other cultural technologies) in Australia, but also to gain a clear sense of where Australian work fits into the field internationally. What is also needed is a detailed discussion of the research agenda in mobiles, and the identification of directions, and concrete possibilities — especially after the CRN finishes.