Locative Media Workshop

September 2010
University of NSW

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Issues of location are becoming increasingly crucial to our engagements with a wide array of new media systems and applications, such as location-based mobile gaming, context-aware advertising, geotagging, GPS, Google Street View, and mobile social-networking services (Loopt, Foursquare, Google Latitude), that enable the establishment of user-based locational data. Locative media applications such as these are significant in that they force us to reflect more fully on our apprehension and comprehension of the spaces and places we encounter, move through and inhabit. They also open up a raft of further, complex, questions relating to the specific cultural economies associated with contemporary locative media use.

A theme of CRN activities, especially through the ‘Cultural Technologies’ node, has been mobile, wireless, and online media (for example through the ‘Wireless and Mobile Media’ group, the GLAMM group and workshops on rural technologies and cultures). Locative media has often been raised in previous workshops, and also in the publications that have come through these. This ‘Locative Media’ workshop will provide a capstone workshop that builds upon these previous activities, and crystallizes it into concrete research collaborations and project funding applications — to gain resources and capacity to extend and develop this work after the CRN formally finishes.