Symposium: Listening Futures

Monday 7 December, 2009
University of Sydney

This symposium builds on the previous workshops over the two years of the Listening project and grounds research questions in the productive intersection of listening and individual research agendas of participants. The workshop brings together CRN members and other researchers working in this area, as well as providing a forum for locally-based collaboration with researchers from the Sarai project (funded through a previous CRN application by Lloyd through the Cultural Literacies node).

The symposium will enhance the focus of previous workshops by articulating ongoing research projects on cultural work across Australian institutions, as well as contributing an international research dialogue. Ghosh’s research on call centre workers in Bangalore will be a starting point for discussions of new skills and capacities invoked by forms of transnational work, as well as the
question of to what extent the broadcast audience is entwined in mediated listening through social media projects such as the ABC’s Pool Project. The symposium seeks to develop cross-cultural and inter-institutional interrogations of listening. The meeting will bring together researchers and media artists, academics and activists, community arts workers and theoreticians.

A full day meeting. The symposium will include an invited paper from an international guest speaker and will provide an important opportunity for the many participants in The Listening Project to showcase their work through formal papers. Participants will be asked to prepare and circulate papers beforehand a sample of work-in-progress for discussion and response by participants.

Workshop aims

Workshop outcomes