Self, Place, and Broadband Connectivity Workshop

Self, Place, and Broadband Connectivity: Making and Making Do Project

12 - 13 February
University of Wollongong


Over the next two years, ‘broadband’ will be expanded dramatically to cover Australia beyond its urban centres and into regional, rural and remote areas. The objective of this rollout is to provide a universality of service that replicates the expansion of telephony in the mid-twentieth century. The objective of this project is to build a cultural understanding of what this connectivity means and has meant to place, community and self. The kinds of cultural knowledge developed through the workshop will facilitate a number of initiatives subsequently that will part of a follow-up support proposal:

The opportunity for the research partnerships to be fostered among established researchers and ECRS in the CRN and beyond in this area


Day 1: Place, Infrastructure and Imaginaries

Day 2: Making and Making Do

Day 3 (half day): Outcomes and developments – CRN members only


The Self, Place and Broadband Connectivity workshop held at the University of Wollongong on the 12th and 13th of February 2009 was a great success. International researchers provided a global perspective on the use and development of the internet and broadband or wireless connectivity in rural and remote communities around the globe. The ingenious practices of "making do" by those in remote communities in Australia, India and Canada were juxtaposed against the use of wireless or broadband technologies in highly connected countries such as Singapore and Korea. One outcome of the workshop will be a themed collection of these papers in a refereed journal. Another outcome is the development of social networking NING site called Broadband Studies to further discussions on issues relating to self, place and broadband connectivities.

Interested CRN members are welcome to join.