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Symposia and Conferences
Professional Development
Other Activities and Events


Masterclass with Professor Koichi Iwabuchi (2009 and 2010)
Organised by the Postgraduate and Early Career Research Development Node

Masterclass with Prof Charles Husband (13 November 2008)
Media and Listening
Listening Project

Masterclass with Prof James Katz (4 June 2008)
Mobiles: Demographies, Geographies and Technologies
Cultural Technologies Node

Masterclass with Prof David Morley (February 2008)
Mediations: Demographies, Geographies and Technologies
Cultural Identities Node

Masterclass with Prof Charlotte Brunsdon (February 2008)
Television in Transition: Crime and Cookery
Cultural Identities Node

Masterclass with Dr Susannah Radstone (Nov 2007)
Memory Nation Culture
Cultural Histories and Geographies Node

Masterclass with Prof John Urry (April, May 2007)
Complexities and Mobilities
Cultural Identities and Communities Node

Masterclass with Professor Tony Bennett (Nov 2006)
Culture and Governance: Institutions, Practices, Policies
Organised by the Postgraduate and Early Career Research Development Node

Masterclass with Adel Iskandar (August 2006)
Focuses around diaspora, media and identity
Cultural Identites and Communities Node

Travelling Masterclass with Professor Georgina Born (July, Aug 2006)
Brisbane, 26 July; Melbourne, 4 August; Sydney 11 August
CRN Masterclass on Methodologies for Studying Cultural Production
Organised by the Postgraduate and Early Career Research Development Node

Travelling Masterclass with Professor Toby Miller (May 2006)
Melbourne, 15 May 2006; Perth 17 May 2006
Organised by the Postgraduate and Early Career Research Development Node

Masterclass with Professor Michael Herzfeld (2005)
Cultural Identities and Communities Node



Mobile Media Workshop (December 2010)
A one-day workshop headed by international mobile media expert Professor Ilpo Koskinen
Cultural Technologies node

Affect and Emotion Methodologies Workshop (October 2010)
This one-day workshop will critically discuss methodological approaches to research that explore emotion and affect
Cultural Histories and Geographies Node

Locative Media Workshop (September 2010)
A one-day workshop on user-based locational data
Cultural technologies Node

Cultural Histories and Geographies of Australian Rivers (June 2010)
A one-day invitation-only workshop on the cultural research around Australian rivers from cultural geography, cultural history, and environmental history
Cultural Histories and Geographies Node

Internet Regulation and Filtering in Australia (December 2009)
A two-day workshop bringing together academics and other stakeholders whose work might be impacted by the new Government-sponsored Internet filtering system
Internet Studies Project

Television and Memory Workshop (November 2009)
A dialogue between media history practitioners and scholars working within the broad area of memory studies
Television and Memory Group

Listening Project Workshop: Grant Writing (October 2009)
The workshop will focus on different aspects of successful ARC grant applications
The Listening Project

In transition: media distribution, exhibition and consumption in regional and rural Australia (September 2009)
Research into the cultural and community impact of changes and transitions in media distribution and exhibition in rural and regional Australia
Media Histories and Postgraduate and Early Career Researchers Development Nodes

Obsolescence Research Workshop (September 2009)
Observing persistent use of obsolescent technologies can reveal social divides, or determined resistance to the onward march of technology
Obsolescence: Media History, Policy and Aesthetics Group

Creative Collaborations Workshop (September 2009)
a workshop with Paul Carter and Estelle Barrett
ECR/PG Development Node

Chinese media and cultural studies: State of the field symposium 2009 (September 2009)
This symposium invites CRN members with a confirmed and demonstrated interest in the field to present their ‘state of Chinese media and cultural studies’, with a special focus on their own areas of achievement, interest and projected development
Chinese Media and Cultural Studies Group

Material Geographies of Household Sustainability: Australia and the UK (September 2009)
Cultural dimensions of environmental sustainability and climate change are an emerging and critical research concern
Material Geographies of Household Sustainability Group

Listening Project Workshop: Methodologies (July 2009)
Understanding f the differences between private and public as well as between individual and institutional listening
The Listening Project

Unboxing the iPhone: The Circuits of Digital Culture (July 2009)
This workshop aims to explore a range of possible theoretical and empirical approaches to the new circuits of digital culture via the use of the iPhone as a case study
GLAMM (Games, Location, Art & Mobile Media) Group

Self, Place, and Broadband Connectivity Workshop (February 2009)
Making and Making Do
Self, Place and Broadband Connectivity Project

Glocalising Sex and Gender (February 2009)
Consumption, Culture, Practice
Cultural Identities and Communities Node

Online Journalism, Citizenship and Interactivity (December 2008)
a Europe-Australia research workshop
Cultural Technologies Node

Online@Asia-Pacific Workshop (December 2008)
A workshop about online communities and networks in the region
Cultural Technologies Node

Participation in the Broadband Society Workshop (December 2008)
emerging modes of digital storytelling, interactivity and being online
Cultural Technologies Node

More-than-Human Modes of Inquiry (17-18 November 2008)
A Workshop with Professor Sarah Whatmore
NatureCultures Group

Japanese Transnational Fandoms and Female Consumers
Two-day Workshop, 3 - 4 July 2008, University of Wollongong
Cultural Literacies Node

The Game of Being Mobile: Mobile Technologies, Gaming Cultures and the Haptic (10-11 July 2008)
A two-day workshop to stimulate discussion, debate and research into the burgeoning area of mobile gaming
Mobile Screens Working Group

Internet Histories 2 - Australia and Asia Pacific: Research Workshop (14 June 2008)
Second day of the Media Histories Symposium, Perth
Cultural Technologies Node

Mobile Futures Workshop (12-13 June 2008)
Two day workshop with a focus on remote, rural and regional digital mobility
Mobile Screens Working Group

Doing Rural Cultural Research Workshop (7 March 2008)
Gathering of ECRs and postgraduates who work on rural issues in cultural studies
Postgraduate and Early Career Research Development Node

Internet Histories: Research Workshop (Oct 2007)
Exploring the gaps in Internet History
Internet Studies Project

Working Partnerships: Collaborative Research in Rural and Remote Cultures (Sept 2007)
Managing and maximising collaborations
Rural Cultural Research Project

Asian Media, Cultural, and Society (Sept 2007)
A workshop/masterclass for postgrads and ECRs on framing research on Asian media
Cultural Literacies Node

Methods, principles and international comparisons in the historiography of cinema-going (May 2007)
A discussion on the methodological issues arising from historical research into the social experience of cinema-going
Rural Cultural Studies Project

Guide to Resources for Australian Media History (April 2007)
A discussion of various options for a guide to resources for Australian media historians
Program for Television History (PATH) Project

Digital Cultural Literacy Roundtable (March 2007)
Initial exploratory workshop
Distributing Cultural Literacies via Digital Media Project

Rural Cultural Studies Planning Workshops (2006, 2007)
A two day workshop set out the parameters for the program activities and aims
Rural Cultural Studies Project

Wireless Cultures & Technologies Workshop (Dec 2006)
The University of Sydney, 1 December 2006
Organised by the Cultural Technologies Node

Internationalising Internet Studies: Research Workshop (Sept 2006)
Workshop for Edited Anthology
Internationalizing Internet Studies Project

(un)panicked Communities Planning Workshop (June 2006)
Initial planning for this project will take place at the Communities, Publics and Practices roundtable
(Un)Panicked Communities Project

Interaction with Michael Curtin (June 2006)
Informal meeting to discuss research possibilities
Media and Cultural Economies in East Asia Project

Multilingual Literacy Workshop (June 2006)
The seminar seeks to identify research directions in literacy and cultural research
Multilingual Literacies Project

Games Research Workshop with Professor Toby Miller (May 2006)
Research Development Workshop
Cultural Technologies Node and the Institute for Creative Industries and Innovation

PATH Group Planning Meeting (May 2006)
A plan to research, document and exhibit the history of television in Australia
Program for Television History (PATH) Project

Creative Articulations Roundtable (October 2005)
Theoretical and practical possibilities for the development of interdisciplinary methods for accounting for creative places
Creative Articulations Project



Remembering Eve Sedgwick: The beginnings, present and future of queer theory (28 August 2009)
A half-day seminar with Melissa Hardie, Anna Gibbs, Elizabeth Stephens, Elizabeth McMahon, and Melissa Gregg
University of Sydney

Seminar with Dr Jonathan Sterne (12 August 2008)
Sound Reproduction After Noise: MP3 and the Limits of Perception
Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies, Brisbane
Cultural Technologies Node

Seminar with Professor James E. Katz (6 June 2008)
Mobile Communication Studies
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

Seminar with Professor John Eade and Dr Ben O'Loughlin (21 March 2007)
Reaping the whirlwind: Identity Politics, Minorities and the State
Convincing claims? Democracy, representation, and security threats in contemporary Britain
University Western Sydney

Seminar Presentations with Michael Curtin (June, July 2006)
Screen Industries in the Global Era
Media and Cultural Economies in East Asia Project

Research Roundtable: 'Making histories: radio as a cultural technology' (May 2006)
This seminar will chart the place of radio as a cultural technology in contemporary Australia
Radio as a Cultural Technology Project

New Economies of Culture in East Asia (March 2006)
Forum with Zhang Xiaoming
Media and Cultural Economies in East Asia Project

Seminar with Professor Toby Miller (2006)
The Clash of Civilisations: Cultural Citizenship and the Crisis of Belonging
University of Western Sydney, April
Organised by the Postgraduate and Early Career Research Development Node


Symposia and Conferences

The Listening Project Symposium (December 2009)
Including an invited paper from an international speaker as well as providing an opportunity for participants to showcase their work
The Listening Project

State of the Industry (November 2009)
The future for cultural research in the university
Early Career Researcher and Postgraduate Development Node

Conference on Television and the National (November 2008)
International Conference organised by members of PATH
Media Histories Node

In the Pipeline: New Directions in Cultural Research on Water (July 2007)
Who’s doing what in cultural research on water in Australia?

Beyond the battle-lines: rethinking English today (May 2007)
What should be done in the name of English?
Sponsored event, organised by the English Teachers Association of Queensland

Rural Cultural Studies Research Symposium (Feb 2007)
Research papers and broader workshop discussions on aspects of conducting cultural research in rural areas
Rural Cultural Studies Project

Superdiversity, Diaspora and the Media Symposium (Feb 2007)
The media, diasporic communities, and living with diversity
Cultural Identities and Communities Node

Queer Asian Sites Conference (Feb 2007)
Investigation into the importance of intra-regional networks and interactions amongst queer cultures and communities
Queer Asian Sites Project

Cultural Studies in Asia Symposium (November 2006)
How cultural studies is done in Asia

Landscapes of Meaning (Oct 2006)
South Asia—Australia connections: environment and people
Communication Across Borders: India – Australia Project

Articulating Creativities Symposium and Showcase (2005)
Consumer-driven creative articulations
Creative Articulations Project



Rural Cultural Studies: Publications (2007)
Planned outcomes of the workshops
Rural Cultural Studies Project

Internationalising Internet Studies: Edited Anthology (April 2006)
Early intervention into the nascent debate on the internationalizing of Internet studies
Internationalizing Internet Studies Project


Professional Development

Outreach Project
Ongoing programme to arrange visits of senior academics to regional universities
Organised by the Postgraduate and Early Career Research Development Node

ANZCA Mentoring Forum
QUT, 7 July 2009
Organised by Cultural Technologies Node

Sustaining Cultural Research: Cultural Research Beyond the Academy
University of South Australia, 5 December 2007
Organised by the Postgraduate and Early Career Research Development Node

Research Career Workshop with Professor Vera Mackie (June 2006)
An open seminar with Professor Vera Mackie
Organised by the Postgraduate and Early Career Research Development Node

Prefix Professional Development Day (2005)
A professional development event tailored specifically for cultural studies postgraduates and early career researchers
Organised by the Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher Development Node


Other Activities and Events

Media Histories Subsidies (ongoing)
The node has undertaken to provide subsidies to allow postgraduate and early career researchers to attend conferences in the field of Media History
Media Histories Node

Public Lecture with Dr Jonathan Sterne (7 August 2008)
'Format Theory'
University of Melbourne
Cultural Technologies Node

Public Lecture with Professor James E. Katz (5 June 2008)
'Perpetual contact? Family life in an age of mobile communication'
UNSW, Sydney
Cultural Technologies Node & Journalism & Media Research Centre UNSW

The ARC Cultural Research Network Awards (Annual)
Support for postgraduate students to attend the CSAA Annual Conference
Canberra, 6 - 8 December 2006
Click here for a list of the successful applicants for 2006

Australian Media History Database
This database is designed to provide details of media history projects conducted in, or about, Australia
Program for Television History (PATH) Project

Rural Cultural Studies Website: Resources and Database (2006, 2007)
A database of resources and publications, and researchers working in the field (currently under development)
Rural Cultural Studies Project