Centenary Christmas Cards

A Centenary Christmas card (DL size and photographs of 4 campuses to include Herston) was produced as part of the suite of cards available from P&F's St Lucia Store for 2010.  Click here to view a pdf of the card.

The item code is 010011 and the unit price is $0.30. 

All enquiries should be directed to the Store, by telephone to 3365 1231 or by email

For Staff who are Centenary Contacts

Many thanks to all staff who assisted with the Centenary as Centenary Contacts.

Objectives and Messages

Event coordinators were asked to keep the approved objectives and messages of the Centenary in mind as they were planning their events.   A dedicated Centenary Communications Project Officer was available to assist with achieving the best communications outcomes from our Centenary activities.

Sharing Information

A Centenary Contacts list was provided so that staff could ascertain with whom they should get in touch in another organisational unit to liaise on Centenary matters.

Assistance for Event Organisers

To have organisational units events listed on the Centenary Calendar of Events, event organisers were asked to fill out the Events Information form and to submit it to the Centenary Secretariat.
We aimed to provide event organisers with as much online assistance as we could in the organisation of their Centenary activities.  As they became available, we linked to this page items that we hoped organisers would find useful.
Centenary Logo
Name badge template
Name plates for table names
Property and Facilities Division had major works in progress during 2010 that might need to be taken into consideration when planning events and activities.  A list of works planned for 2010 was provided for information.
There were two pull-up Centenary banners held in the UQ Centenary Secretariat, which event organisers were able to borrow for Centenary events.  They were in constant use throughout the year.


There were a number of items of Centenary merchandise that were of sufficient quality for use by organisational units as gifts or as prizes in the Centenary year and beyond.
Organisational units purchasing The People's University as a gift or prize, by ordering directly from UQ Press, received a 20% discount off the recommended retail price.  This discount still applies as long as stocks are available.  The details to quote are:
  • 978 07022 3768 3 (hardback) / $55 less 20%
  • 978 0 7022 3853 6 (paperback) / $39.95 less 20%
The contact number for placing these orders is (07) 3365 2459.
After dinner chocolates, badged with the UQ and Centenary logos, could be ordered from, Say it on Chocolate, located in Melbourne.  The contact number was (03) 9544 6377.  
As this supplier was used by the Office of Protocol to produce the first batch, the company already had the logos ready to use and there were no additional set up costs for subsequent orders for organisational units.  The Centenary logo could not be used without the UQ logo, so twin packs or packs of four were recommended.  The price list for 2010 was as attached
The purple ribbon tied around the chocolates in the image above was purchased from Australian Printed Ribbon.

For All Staff


We asked staff who use electronic templates for their correspondence to use the Centenary-badged templates (view sample memo). 
When organisational units updated their printed stationery, the Centenary logo appeared on letterhead and on with compliments slips.
At the close of 2010, Centenary stationery was phased out.

Email Signature

We wanted  as many people as possible to know about the Centenary and asked staff to help us to spread the message. 
Outlook users were asked to insert a Centenary banner into their email autosignature amd to link the image to the Centenary website. 
Alternatively, staff could add the following line to their email signature:
UQ celebrates its Centenary in 2010.  For more information, visit the Centenary website www.uq.edu.au/centenary

PowerPoint Template

The Centenary logo was incorporated into one of the University PowerPoint templates and staff were asked to use the template for their presentations.  If they wished to include a PowerPoint slide advertising the Centenary in their presentation, the one linked below under "Screen Savers" was recommended.

Screen Savers

Work areas which had screens in public view added the Centenary screen saver below to the display on those screens and it was highly visible in UQ libraries.  
PowerPoint file for plasma TV screens
jpeg file for computer screens


Staff were asked to include a statement about the Centenary in publications that were intended for a general audience.  The Centenary text for publications could be included with the Centenary logo.  For examples of how the text was placed, see the 2010 university and program prospectuses.  The text could be amended to suit the purpose of the publication.


Staff Resources section

Centenary Logo

The Centenary logo was made available available in the following formats: colour (cmyk), monochrome (black) and reverse (white) in dos eps (vector) and jpeg formats.  A reverse version of the logo in jpeg format was not avai...

Centenary Text for Publications

(26 words) In 2010, UQ celebrates its Centenary. Throughout the year, we will celebrate our past achievements and look to the future. We hope you will join us.  (58 words) In 2010, UQ will celebra...

Instructions for Centenary Email Banner

To amend your email autosignature, in Outlook 2007 go to Tools/Options/Mail Format/Signatures.  Select your signature for editing.   Position your cursor at the bottom of your signature, which is in the wi...

Objectives and Messages

Objectives of the Centenary  The following are the University’s objectives for the Centenary that the Senate asks all of us to keep in mind when we are planning celebratory activities. The University wants to ensure that ...

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