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Kabilan Vairamuthu: Tamil Film Industry a tool for social change

Alumnus Kabilan Vairamuthu explores many forms of communicating for social change in India.

Allyson Starky: “Get on your bike!”

Masters student Allyson Starky is a strong advocate for the humble push bike.  "Cycling as a means of transport brings personal and societal gains and definitely is a great sustainable option that I encourage everyone to consider,&...

Fr. Ambrose Pereira: Creating change through Participatory Video in the Solomon Islands

Fr. Ambrose Pereira uses participatory video to engage youth people in the Solomon Islands for his practicum studies.

Tamara Plush: Training South African community mobilisers in Participatory Video

CfCSC uses story-based participatory video to explore gender issues in South Africa

Mallory Peak: Q&A on PhD field work in Bosnia-Herzegovina

PhD candidate Mallory Peak updates us on her fascinating field work in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Pamela Ramirez: exploring ‘participation’ in Chilean citizen newspapers

Pamela Ramirez describes her experiences working for an online citizen newspaper project in Chile

Bilge Ozgun: Photo storytelling with Muslim women

In a new photo storytelling project, Masters student Bilge Ozgun has been exploring personal stories of Muslim women and their decisions to wear or not wear head scarves and coverings. For her practicum studies, Bilge designed and produced t...

Eadie Hancock: Evaluating AVI volunteer communication in Indonesia

Masters student Eadie Hancock has spent a month in Indonesia working on communication strategies for Australian Volunteers International (AVI). During th...

Marilyn Zhang: helping to award ICT innovators

Masters student Marilyn Zhang is an intern at APNIC, working on this year's ISIF Asia Awards.

Dr Erdenebolor Baast: Supporting Mongolia’s Nomadic Herders

This month we caught up with former postdoctoral researcher Dr Erdenebolor Baast, who is now coordinating Mongolia's Green Gold extension project.

An Nguyen: improving the livelihoods of small scale farmers

This month we caught up with CSC Masters alumna An Nguyen, who is working as Country Manager for the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) in Vietnam.

Anya Lim: embracing creativity, social entrepeneurship and Filipino pride

We took the time to catch up with CSC Masters alumna Anya Lim, a young social entrepeneur who is Creative and Managing Director of ANTHILL which turns the local textiles of indigenous weavers into high fashion.

Grady Walker discusses filmmaking praxis and research in Nepal

Recently PhD candidate Grady Walker returned from his research field work in Nepal and we took some time to talk with him about his experience. Grady is an American documentary filmmaker whose work focuses on using filmmaking as an educational praxis, and draws on the literature of critical pedagogy. He was conducting field work from March through December 2014, working on a case study and narrative analysis.

Ali Rae telling the other side of the story with Al Jazeera

When people think about Communication for Social Change (CSC), few associate it with the media network Al Jazeera. But, CSC Masters alumni Ali Rae says, “I think the discipline is widely adaptive. The shows I currently work for could be considered in the realm of social change because they both analyse and dissect the political, social and cultural undercurrents of global issues.” Ali is currently working for Al Jazeera English (AJE) in London as a digital producer.

CSC Master student Emily Lush in Timor Leste: using creative writing to weave together culture, heritage and identity

Combining her interest in cultural development and her skills as a writer, Master Student Emily Lush delivered a creative writing workshop program for young people with Many Hands International (MHI) in Timor Leste over three weeks in January as part of her Communication for Social Change practicum.

Gillian Marshall Pierce takes a masterclass in grassroots community campaigning

No sooner had Gillian Marshall Pierce accepted her Master degree in Communication and Social Change and taken off her graduation gown, she was rushing off to run as a political candidate for the Queensland Greens in the seat of Indooroopilly.

CSC Masters student Jordan Tredinnick in Cherbourg: "Real social change happening in real time"

Master of Communication for Social Change student Jordan Tredinnick worked at Human Ventures for her practicum this semester. She was asked to conduct a social impact assessment of Human Venture's Creative Tracks program in Cherbourg, a remote indig...

Wireless and Empire Ambition: Pacific Perspectives by Martin Hadlow

The Internet may have radically changed our lives in the last couple of decades, but the whole notion of the way in which we apply technology to creating innovative solutions to addressing perceived societal objectives is nothing new. Nowadays, we a...

Bernardo Alayza from Peru: From Development Communication to Communication for Social Change

 In October’s Student Profile we would like to introduce you to Bernardo Alayza from Peru, who is starting his PhD with the Centre. Bernardo has a Bachelor degree in Arts and Communications Sciences with a major in Development Com...

Tamara Plush interrogates participatory video praxis in an international development context

In her recent mid-candidature review, PhD candidate Tamara Plush discussed potential constraints for participatory video (PV) practice to raise citizen voice in the context of international development. She did so with the argument that PV is ofte...

Vira Riyandari Ramelan enhancing the communication component in development Initiatives

Vira Riyandari-Ramelan from Indonesia not only undertook the Master of Communication for Social Change but also did her PhD with the Centre. She is currently working as Senior Communication Consultant for the Low Carbon Support Programme (LCS), a program funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

Fr. Ambrose Pereira in the CSC Master: "A time to learn, reflect and understand"

After spending 15 years in the Solomon Islands working with youth, Fr. Ambrose takes a new challenge as a Master student.

Congratulations to all our CSC Master and PhD graduates!


PhD Research Positions at the University of Calgary

Two PhD Student Positions in the Graduate Program in Communication at the University of Calgary

Veronica Cazut and her experience with Milaana

In this edition of Student Spotlight meet CSC master student Maria Veronica Cazut from Argentina. Veronica has a Bachelor degree in Social Communication. After briefly working coordinating social programs in Argentina she realized she need...

CSC Master students present their Practicum experiences

The first semester is over and the students of the Master of Communication for Social Change (CSC) Plan went out of their way doing a great job in their Practicum course (COMU7015). The CSC Practicum offers an individually designed program...

Successful Participatory Needs and Opportunities Assessments from CSC Master students

As part of the Participatory Development Communication course (COMU7013) of the CSC Master, students have to design, conduct, analyse and report on a Participatory Needs and Opportunity Assessment (PNOA) relating to a simple, real life issue fo...

Nanda and Yutainten's practicum with ECCQ

Nanda Nugrahanti and Yutainten from Indonesia worked together for the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland (ECCQ) as part of their practicum placement. ECCQ supports and advocates for the needs, interests and contributions of culturall...

Rosemarie Tapia: The media, mining and the community

Rosemarie Tapia is a Chilean journalist who came to Australia to undertake the Master of Communication for Social Change at The University of Queensland. As part of the Master's practicum Rosemarie worked for the Minerals Industry Safety and...

Laura McDowell from PAW Media: keeping local language, culture and music alive

Laura McDowell is a current CSC Master student, who has been working for the last two years as radio producer and coordinator for PAW Media. PAW Media is a remote indigenous media organisation based in Yuendumu, Central Australia, which re...

Two PhD Scholarships Opportunities

The Faculty of Humanities of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark invites applications for two 3-year PhD scholarships connected to the Centre of Global South Asian Studies (CGSAS) at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies.

Anne Curson using CSC as a tool for advocacy in the development of public policy

Anne Curson is a former Master of Communication for Social Change student who works as a Government Relations and Policy Advisor for a large NGO in Queensland, Australia.

Dhina Mutiara Kartikasari from Indonesia: Making the most of her international experience in Brisbane

Dhina Mutiara Kartikasari is a communications practitioner from Indonesia, who is currently undertaking the third semester of the Master of Communication for Social Change. After completing a Bachelor in International Relations from Univer...

Thi Le Tran: Bringing social change through corporate social responsability

Having graduated with her Master in Communication for Social Change, Le works as a Corporate Communications Officer for Besra, a gold mining company that operates in the mountainous Quang Nam Province in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam.

Gemma-Rose Turnbull examines socially engaged documentary photography practices

PhD candidate Gemma-Rose Turnbull recently confirmed her thesis titled Surface tension: An examination of the challenges and possibilities of socially engaged documentary photographic practices. On the next paragraphs Gemma-Rose explains how...

Meet new PhD candidate Mohammad Sahid Ullah from Bangladesh

Mohammad joined the Centre for Communication and Social Change in October last year to pursue a PhD under the supervision of Professors Pradip Thomas and Nic Carah. Mohammad’s research topic is “Empowering communities and improving the q...

Welcome PhD student Kylie Navuku

The Centre for Communication and Social Change welcomes Kylie Navuku, who has recently joined us as a PhD candidate. Kylie completed her bachelor with honours in International Studies at Flinders University in South Australia. Afterwards she...

Bambang Budiwiranto: Teaching CSC to a new generation of students in Indonesia

Bambang Budiwiranto, on completing his PhD with the Centre in 2013, is now teaching a new generation of students on CSC at the Institute of Islamic Studies of Lampung in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Marian Reid explores the role of culture in development in Timor

In November 2013, CSC Masters student Marian Reid spent three weeks with Many Hands International for her practicum placement in Timor Leste.

Winnie Emeka-Okolie: Using CSC for livestock policy in Nigeria

Winnie graduated from the Master of Communication for Social Change in July 2012 and currently works as an Assistant Director and Communication Specialist for the Federal Department of Livestock, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Nigeria.

Successful first student-led Development Practice Conference

A group of Master of Development Practice students hosted the first student-led Development Practice and Theory Conference at UQ entitled “Where are we going, and where should we go?” The conference brought together postgraduat...

Kiery Manassah: Giving voice to the voiceless in the Pacific

Kiery graduated in 2012 and currently works as Senior Communications Officer for the Pacific Institute of Public Policy (PIPP) in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Practicum work of CSC master students

Nilesh Nikade champions children's rights in India

Former CSC masters student Nilesh Nikade is currently working with the India office of Save the Children, one of the world’s leading child rights organisations, which works across 120 countries and is operational in 15 states across India. Nilesh is the Media and Communications Coordinator for four states: Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, which are located in the West and South region of India.

Three Centre's PhD candidates achieve confirmation milestone

Daniela Bandelli from Italy, Tamara Plush from the United States, and Steven Sam from Sierra Leona achieved their f...

Kiribati youth introduced to video production

In early September PhD student Grady Walker traveled to Tarawa, Kiribati to document a Bahá’í youth confere...

Field work in a conflict zone: Coal seam gas development in Western Downs, Queensland

In this edition of Student Spotlight we introduce you to the work of PhD candidate Muhammad Makki, who recently conducted his field work in Western Downs, where resource companies are on a quest to extract coal seam gas. In the following a...

Anya Lim: Growing the SEED of change

  Recently, one of our graduated students from the Maste...

Media Development journal publishes article on visual storytelling for women's empowerment

CfCSC candidate Tamara Plush published the article entitled 'Using visual storytelling for women's empowerment"

Brisbane Fair Food Week

A step forward to democratise Australia’s food system

Carolina Siqueira: Working with indigenous communities in the remote Northern Territory

After completing the master of Communication for Social Change, Carolina knew she wanted to stay in Australia to put the knowledge acquired during her studies into practice. She worked for almost a year with UniQuest in international development before moving all the way up to Darwin to work as a Communications Officer volunteer for the Northern Territory Council of Social Service.

Jaime Manalo: Linking CSC theory and practice in the Philippines

Upon completing his master’s degree in Communication for Social Change in 2011, UQ alumni Jaime Albarillo Manalo IV has been heavily involved in practising CSC in the rural communities of the Philippines. Presently, Jaime works as a senior science research specialist at the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice), the Philippines’ lead agency for rice research and development. Jaime has been leading a campaign on mobilising young people to serve as information providers (infomediaries) for their farmer parents.

Mary Warus and her successful graduation story

An inspiring story of resilience

Tamara Plush's seminar on using participatory video

Empowering and strengthening children's voices

Mimetisation as a political communication style

Triggering political and social change: The case of Hugo Chavez

Student reviews on recent Winter Workshop with Prof. Cees Hamelink

Graduation - Semester 1, 2013

The Centre extends its warmest congratulations to the ten Masters and four PhD students who graduated from the University of Queensland on 18 July 2013.

Master’s student interns with UN organisation in South Korea

 From Pujiang, Eastern China, to The University of Queensland, Brisbane, and now Incheon City, South Korea, Menglu (Marie) Tang’s post-graduate studies journey has been truly international. Maire, the first Master o...

Student explores peace talks between Christian and Muslim religions in Nigeria

Father Gerald Musa close to completing his PhD

Student influences change in Nigerian agricultural industry

July 2012

Student wins Prime Minister's Pacific-Australia Award

Jenny Max wins prestigious Prime Minister's Pacific-Australia Award.

Dr Linda Austin: Assessing the limited success of community radio in the Pacific Islands

Dr Linda Austin was awarded her PhD in 2015 for research into the potential and limitations of community radio in South Pacific communities

Dr Gerald Musa: Finding ways to overcome religious tensions in Nigeria through dialogue

Dr Gerald Musa was awarded his PhD in 2013 for his research into inter-religious dialogue between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria

Dr Shailendra Singh: Challenging the link between media and coups in Fiji

Dr Shailendra Singh was awarded his PhD in 2015 for research into conflict reporting in Fiji and the Pacific.

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