In 2011 selected academic staff from within the School of Journalism and Communication, at the University of Queensland where the Centre lies, have become formal partners. These academic partners support publications, supervise RHD students, and have a research project/consultancy under the key CfCSC Themes (or are preparing one).

Associate Professor Eric Louw
Eric Louw has previously taught at a number of South African universities and worked as a journalist on the Pretoria News. He also served as the chair of a Non-Government Organization engaged in development communication work in Africa. More
Dr Zala Volcic
For the past several years, Zala has been teaching and publishing in the areas of media, development, social change, dependency, nationalism, and identity. More
Dr Nicholas Carah
With a specific focus on branding (especially experiential branding and critical approaches to branding); new media and popular culture; media and urban space; and corporate social responsibility. More
Dr Kitty van Vuuren
Kitty’s current research interest includes environmental communication and public opinion, particularly in rural, regional and remote communities.
Dr Aparna Hebbani
Her key research areas are: settlement faced by marginalized communities in Australia, media representation of Muslims/asylum seekers/refugees, media empowerment among marginalised communities, and gender issues in the university environment. More
Dr Levi Obijiofor
Levi has research interests in the impact of new technologies (on journalistic practices, human society ect); international news reporting across cultures; journalism education and training; and media representation of ethnic minorities.  More

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