HDR Candidates section

Debashish Sarker Dev

Gender and power in community participation for climate change adaptation in Agriculture

Doreen Busolo

Rural Community Radio for Women Empowerment in Kenya

Lujain Ismail Shafeeq

Extent of democratic discourse seen in reader comments to online news stories: The case of the Maldives

Achmad Supardi

Discursive practices of religious intolerance within Indonesian on-line opinion portals

Daniel Roberto Cruz

Food Sovereignty and the practice of transformative social change: The Navdanya and DDS cases in India

Denielle Emans

Behind the Visual: Communication Design, Creative Action, and Social Change in Qatar

Mairead MacKinnon

Representations of refugees in Australia: Impact of media coverage on refugee perceptions of belongingness

Jaime Manalo IV

Understanding decision making processes of rice farmers in the face of climate change

Paul Halman

Affected community perceptions of the effectiveness of participatory development in the delivery of humanitarian aid for education in emergencies

Sanjana Shrestha

Community engagement through Community Managed Organisations: What, how and why it matters

Tarni Cooper

A systems approach to livelihood-sensitive veterinary antimicrobial-stewardship in Vietnam

Laya Matindoost

Settlement experiences of first and second-generation humanitarian and non-humanitarian visa migrants in Australia

Gemma-Rose Turnbull

Translating co-authored production into representation methodologies in socially engaged documentary photographic projects

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