The CfCSC provides opportunities for students to further develop their understanding and application of Communication for Social Change through the following programs, offered under the School of Communication and Arts at the University of Queensland.

The field of communication and social change provides an in-depth understanding of communication for social change theory and practice. It will explore the different ways in which communication can be leveraged to bring about change in attitudes, behaviour and knowledge in individuals and communities. It will analyse the ways in which 'participation' can make a difference in the planning, implementation and evaluation of development processes, the key role played by culture in social change, and contemporary uses of community media and ICTs in the facilitation of change. It is designed to strengthen critical skills, build capacities for work in the state, inter-governmental and NGO sectors, and build research excellence.

Please find below links to postgraduate programs specialising in Communication for Social Change:

For more information on the specialisation Communication for Social Change please go the link below to view our brochure.

Due to the participatory nature of classes, we do not offer external online study options. 

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