PhD Students section

A study of factors affecting communication practices in protected area management in Cambodia

Hanneke Nooren

Assessing impacts of participatory communication strategies underpinning agricultural research for development in culturally diverse environments of the Northwest Highlands of Vietnam

Huu Nhuan Nguyen

Between Paper and Screen: Investigating the hidden potential for 'children's edutainment' to empower older audiences in the development process.

Kylie Navuku

Branding Post-Conflict Tourism Destinations: Image, Understanding, and the Commercialisation of Pain

Mallory Peak

Communities’ Experiences of Coal Seam Gas Industry Engagement Processes in Western Downs, Queensland: An Exploration of Power and Conflict

Muhammad Makki

Critical Discourse Analysis of gender based violence in Italy

Daniela Bandelli

Democratising the Food System - People's participation

Catherine Green

Empowering communities and improving the quality of life in rural Bangladesh through Union Tele centre connectivity

Mohammad Sahid Ullah

Exploring news media's potential for strengthening peace-building and social cohesion in Fiji.

Shailendra Singh

How can participatory video be used for social change communication through a ‘voice as value’ lens to strengthen citizen engagement efforts in the international development sector?

Tamara Plush

Including the Excluded: Mobile Phone and the Transformation of Marginalised Youth in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone

Steven Sam

Participation and ICTs for Rural Community Empowerment in Indonesia

Bambang Budiwiranto

Participatory development communication strategies in promoting food security in northeastern Tigray, Ethiopia: Opportunities and Challenges

Hagos Nigussie

Technology assessment and knowledge exchange in Indonesian agricultural R&D institution: an analysis of concept, implementation and process towards impact

Nurul Hilmiati

The Challenges and Opportunities of Christian-Muslim Dialogue in Nigeria

Gerald Musa

Video making as praxis within a critical pedagogical paradigm

Grady Walker