The next issue of Nordicom Review is due out in April.
The next issue of Nordicom Review is due out in April.

The Centre has partnered with the Scandinavian communications journal Nordicom Review to produce a special issue Beyond the Impasse: Exploring new thinking in Communication and Social Change, which is due out next month.

The special issue follows on from the Centre’s Boutique Conference in January 2013 of the same name, which invited global scholars to the University of Queensland to discuss ways forward in communication for social change practice and research.

It also follows thematically from Nordicom Review’s November 2012 special issue Communication, Media and Development: Problems and Perspectives, which was guest edited by Florencia Enghel and Karin Wilkins.

The Special Issue features articles by CSC scholars Professor Silvio Waisbord from George Washington University, Professor Jo Tacchi from RMIT, Associate Professor Pradip Ninan Thomas from the Centre, Dr Florencia Enghel from Malmö University, Dr Jessica-Noske Turner from RMIT, Dr June Lennie as well as Centre affiliated PhD students Gemma-Rose Turnbull and Tamara Plush.

Topics covered include Dr Florencia Enghel’s exporation on the political economy of communication for development, a conversation between Professors Jo Tacchi and Silvio Waisbord on the gaps and opportunities in current practice and research. Dr June Lennie and Professor Tacchi look at the tension, challenges and issues in evaluating communication for development: Findings from recent research and strategies for sustainable outcomes. Dr Noske-Turner’s article discusses the current state of evaluation practice in media assistance. Associate Professor Thomas looks at ways to change the theoretical landscape of CSC. Tamara Plush and Gemma-Rose Turnbull look at the specific contexts of participatory video and socially engaged photography respectively.

Centre affiliate and guest editor of the Special Issue Pradip Ninan Thomas says, “The Centre for CSC organised the conference ‘Beyond the Impasse’ to specifically provide a platform to highlight new thinking in the theorising of CSC. This issue of the Nordicom Review features some of the papers that were presented at this conference. The Centre’s support for this conference and the involvement of key scholars including Silvio Waisbord, Jo Tacchi and Florencia Enghel among others, along with this issue of the Nordicom Review, reflect its international standing and commitment to excellence in CSC.”

Expected to be released online next month, the Special Issue of Nordicom Review will be available online and through academic libraries. 

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