To research, develop, apply and facilitate communication processes, techniques and media that empower individuals, communities and organisations to enable change through transdisciplinary collaboration and capacity building.



The Centre for Communication and Social Change's (CfCSC) vision is founded on becoming an internationally-recognised leader in Communication for Social Change (CSC) facilitation and capacity building that contributes to a world in which all voices are heard, equally respected and included in decisions that affect them.



The Centre’s direction and strategic impetus in achieving its mission statement is guided by the following objectives:
  • Promote the importance of the principles and practices of CSC in fostering sustainable development and social change.
  • Generate concepts and models to further the theory and application of CSC.
  • Empower, capacitate, and facilitate individuals and organisations to utilise CSC principles and practices.
  • Facilitate information exchange, organisational partnership, and access to expertise to further the application of CSC.



The CfCSC operates:
  • based on the principles of participation and equitable stakeholder involvement
  • from people-centred and community-oriented perspectives
  • in transdisciplinary and integrated modes
  • with an emphasis on listening and sharing
  • by seeking context-specific solutions, and
  • with respect for culture


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