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The UQ Centre for Communication and Social Change is calling for submissions of articles for a new publication. This will be in the form of a quarterly magazine, the goal of which is to share insights into the application of Communication for Social Change in work or project settings, as experienced by our students, alumni, associates and affiliates.

Each issue of the magazine “CSC@Work” will deal with a specific theme. The theme for this first issue is “Communication and Rural Development”.

The role of communication in rural development has a long history However, communication strategies to respond to the complex nature of rural development and serve the multiple stakeholders involved have changed a lot over time. The shift from traditional communication methods to emerging technologies and approaches has also had substantial influence on the impacts brought about by communication initiatives. This call seeks articles on CSC at work in a wide range of rural development settings, such as agricultural development, mining and community development, energy poverty, rural community informatics and rural communication services.

We encourage authors to submit 2-3 pages (750-1,500 words) of high-quality research, professional work or personal experiences in communication for social change in rural development initiatives from any country. The short article must follow the formatting guidelines laid out in the magazine instruction on the Centre’s website.

All submitted articles will be reviewed on the overall objectives of the issue and the novelty of each work. Full articles are due on December 31, 2017, and should be submitted to All inquiries should also be submitted to this address.




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