HDR Graduates section

Yuwan Malakar

Social Constructs of Energy Poverty and the Resulting Capability Deprivations in Rural India. PhD conferred 2019.

Matthew Herington

Energy access transitions in South Asia: a study of positive deviance and the enabling mechanisms for social change at the community level. PhD conferred 2018.

Kylie Navuku

Reimagining celebrity: towards understanding the impact of positioning famous fictional characters as celebrities in UN communication activities. PhD conferred 2018.

Mallory Peak

Branding Bosnia: post-conflict tourism and media legacy in consumer culture. PhD conferred 2017.

Hagos Nigussie Kahssay

Folk media forms and their potential for food security communication in eastern Tigray, Ethiopia. PhD conferred in 2017.

Mohammad Sahid Ullah

Empowering communities and improving the quality of life in rural Bangladesh through Union Tele centre connectivity. PhD conferred 2017.

Bernardo Alayza

Master of Philosophy. 2017.

Grady Walker

A Window to Insider Knowledge: Movie Making as Praxis in Critical Pedagogy. PhD conferred 2016.

Steven Sam

Mobile phones and the margins: an ethnographic study in post-conflict Sierra Leone. PhD conferred 2016.

Tamara Plush

We’ve raised their voice. Is anyone listening? Participatory video practitioners and valued citizen voice in international development contexts. PhD conferred 2016.

Huu Nhuan Nguyen

Assessing impacts of agricultural research for development in culturally diverse environments in the Northwest Highlands of Vietnam — Sustainability, participation and communication. PhD conferred 2016.

Daniela Bandelli

Gender violence in Italy: a critical study of discourses and counter-discourses. PhD conferred 2016.

Oleg Nicetic

The utility of the farmer field school as a platform for communication and partnership in agricultural research and development in Vietnam. PhD conferred 2015.

Linda Austin

Talanoa radio: exploring the interface of development, culture and community radio in the South Pacific. PhD conferred 2015.

Muhammad Makki

Coal seam gas development and community conflict: a comparative study of community responses to coal seam gas development in Chinchilla and Tara, Queensland. PhD conferred 2015.

Shailendra Singh

Rethinking journalism for supporting social cohesion and democracy: case study of media performance in Fiji. PhD conferred 2015.

Ellen Strickland

Navigating the undercurrents: an analysis of Pacific Island regional ICT policy. PhD conferred 2015.

Seamogano Mosanako

Television in Botswana: Development and Policy Perspectives. PhD conferred 2015.

Vira Riyandari

Participation and Disciplinary Power: Governmentality in the Agricultural Sector in Contemporary Indonesia. PhD conferred 2014.

Elena Block

Exploring Hugo Chávez’s use of mimetisation to build a populist hegemony in Venezuela. PhD conferred 2014.

Annie Abdullah

Mobile phones and their implications for teenagers in Brunei Darussalam. PhD conferred 2013.

Rozita Abdullah

Corporate social marketing, Petronas festival advertisements: nation building, brand building and identity. PhD conferred 2013.

Walakkamol Changkamol

Journalism and the path to peace in the south of Thailand. PhD conferred 2013.

Nurul Hilmiati

Making research count for farmers: An analysis of participation and communication in agricultural research for development in Eastern Indonesia. PhD conferred 2013.

Gerald Musa

Dialogue as communication: challenges and prospects for Christian-Muslim relationship in Kaduna State, Nigeria. PhD conferred 2013.

Bambang Budiwiranto

ICTs and Participation for Empowerment in Indonesia: An Actor-Network Theory Perspective. PhD conferred 2013.

Simphorian Sar

Engaging farmers in agricultural research for development: A social learning perspective on participatory technology development. PhD conferred 2012.

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