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Series Editors, Pradip Ninan Thomas & Elske van de Fliert reflect on Palgrave Studies in Communication for Social Change

Established in 2014, the CSC Palgrave Book Series has steadily become known for championing writing that is intentionally oriented towards opening up new spaces of thinking, novel theoretical articulations, and methodological breakthroughs.

Strategising communication and collective action towards sustainable nomadic livelihoods in Mongolia — Associate Professor Elske van de Fliert

At the School of Communication and Arts’ Research Seminar in April 2017, CfCSC Director Elske van de Fliert, spoke about her experience leading a three-year (2013-16) collaborative project that aimed at designing and establishing a demand-driven Agricultural Extension system for the Green Gold program in Mongolia.

In the Aftermath of Gezi: From Social Movement to Social Change

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