New technology in developing societies: from theory to practice
New technology in developing societies: from theory to practice

The new book in the Palgrave Studies in Communication for Social Change series, New technology in developing societies: from theory to practice, has been published. It is written by Dr Levi Obijiofor, a Centre Associate and Senior Lecturer at the School of Communication and Arts. 

Like other books in the series, New technologies in developing societies seeks to expose and critically engage with current gaps in communication for social change theory and practice. Dr Obijiofor explains that, “This book is unique in various ways. It departs from existing texts on development communication that focus essentially on theories of development. It draws on existing theoretical assumptions about technology and development to demonstrate pragmatically what people in developing countries are doing with technologies to improve their socioeconomic conditions. The relationship between theory and practice that is largely missing in existing texts is given special but critical attention.”
The book places a strong focus on practice. It is broad in scope, looking at case studies from Africa and other developing countries ranging from public health interventions working to combat HIV/AIDS to exploring the difficulties that ethnographic researchers face when studying online worlds. Topics that are discussed in the book are New Technologies and the Socioeconomic Development of Africa; Public Service Broadcasting for Economic Growth and Language Development; Indigenous Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights in a New Age; The African Public Sphere in the Electronic Era; Changing Technologies and the Changing Role of Citizens; Tradition Versus Modernity in HIV/AIDS Prevention; Ethnographic Research in ‘Offline’ and Online Worlds as well as Mobile Phones: Transforming Public Communication in Africa. 
Exploring new technology in developing societies is available in print and electronic formats. 
Series editors Elske van de Fliert and Pradip Ninan Thomas are still seeking proposals for books in the series. 

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