Mefalopulos, P 2008, Development Communication Sourcebook: Broadening the Boundaries of Communication, World Bank, viewed 9 February 2011, <> .

While DevComm is indispensable in development initiatives worldwide, little is written on the how-tos of it. This book fills in that gap. The book is divided into four modules: value-added of development communication, reflections on the theory and practice of DevComm, DevComm methodologies and DevComm in the World Bank. The Third module is particularly useful as it shows the nitty-gritty of applying DevComm on field. It discusses the most commonly used tools during DevComm fieldwork with comprehensive discussion on the phases of DevComm methodology. The first module is particularly useful for newcomers in the field, as it explains how DevComm has become important in development initiatives. The book puts emphasis on the value of two-way communication right at the start of any development projects. This book is very useful for DevComm practitioners, scholars, students and policymakers. Paulo Mefalopulos is a senior communication officer at World Bank’s Development Communication Division. He has more than 15 years of experience, both in theory and in practice, in DevComm in various countries. 

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