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Aim and Scope

CSC@Work is an open-access electronic magazine published quarterly by the UQ Centre for Communication and Social Change (CfCSC) covering a specific area of work applying CSC strategies in each issue. The magazine’s goal is to celebrate and promote the best CSC work of our students, alumni, associates and affiliates, which would otherwise go unnoticed or ignored in other publishing outlets.

The magazine fills the gap between traditional academic articles on CSC theory and practice and the more ‘newsy’ monthly newsletter published by the CfCSC. It is intended as a space to showcase the important and impactful CSC work done around the world by people affiliated to the CfCSC through engaging storytelling. CSC@Work magazine provides current and in-depth insights into all aspects of CSC jobs and projects through the experiences of students, academics and professionals, making it a sharp and engaging read. 


CSC@Work primarily targets anyone interested in the CSC field, particularly those who are exploring opportunities for a career in the CSC field, like prospective and recently enrolled students. It contains content that reflects on the CSC student experience and intends to give students inspiration and goals for a potential future in the CSC field. The magazine also benefits academics, organisations and professionals working in the CSC field as it informs them of new initiatives and provides opportunities for further networking. 


The magazine articles are written by students, alumni, academics, and occasionally guest authors, and edited by the CfCSC editorial team. Potential authors will be approached by the CfCSC with a call for articles. Authors should contact the magazine editor if they are planning to submit an article on any CSC research, field work or job experience that is relevant to the scope and objectives of the magazine. Additional guidelines for authors and support in writing and editing the article will be provided by the editorial team.


  • Length

CSC@Work includes around 4-6 articles per issue. These articles are short and encapsulate specific cases in 2-3 pages (750-1,500 words). These articles, though short, should stand alone without the need for further academic information.

  • Writing Style

CSC@Work prefers a personalised, first person style of writing. Specifically, the magazine focuses on personal experience and engagement with the CSC field, and the writing style should reflect this. It prefers articles about the authors’ practical experiences to reflect not only on the implementation and results of CSC projects, but also on the challenges, highlights and their own personal growth.

  • Design

Each issue of the magazine begins with an introduction from the editorial team.  This introduction provides an overview of the magazine’s contents, pointing to the theme, and it is written in the same personalised style as the articles.

The magazine is visually appealing and it uses pull quotes in the design to emphasise particularly engaging content or quotes. High quality images are also added to the design, and pages may occasionally be devoted to a single image or a series of images that capture attention and resonate with our articles and readers. All authors are required to submit their article(s) with relevant and free copyright, high resolution images. 


CSC@Work magazine is published online through the CfCSC website, and promoted using the existing newsletter mailing list and social media. Readers can freely access and share the magazine under the creative common copyrights rule.  

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