The Communication for Social Change Award was established in 2006 to recognise outstanding contributions made by individuals and organisations to the theory and practice of Communication for Social Change (CSC); specifically those that have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to using communication to transform and empower marginalised communities. Communication for social change is an emerging frontier, the goal of which is to use communication processes, techniques and media to facilitate social, economic and technological development.

This is the only Award of its kind in the world, and it is administered by the Centre for Communication and Social Change at the School of Journalism and Communication, within The University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia. This award has been extremely successful in acknowledging ‘unsung’ and courageous people, recognising individuals from across the world, involved in diverse activities.
The award consists of a $AUD 2500 prize and a travel package to participate in the Award Ceremony in Australia. The visit will also be used to promote the impact that communication projects can have in development efforts. Each year two awards will be presented: one to an individual and one to an organisation/institution. Those awarded can be either practitioners/activists working the field, or theorists.
The objectives of the award are to:
  • Recognise knowledge generation and major theoretical in the field of communication for social change;
  • Acknowledge innovative and practical communication and social change projects that have contributed to grassroots-level sustainable development; and
  • Appreciate the contributions made by individuals and organisations whose moral courage and extraordinary commitment to communication for social change expands the boundary of what is possible in this field.
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Winners in the two categories will be selected by an independent jury comprising senior academics, media representatives and development assistance experts, based in Australia....

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