Co-founder of the world’s largest online independent media network, Colombian-born Clemencia Rodriguez is a pioneer of media democracy, feminist communication and ‘citizens’ media’ – a term she coined in 2001 . Inspired by the pedagogy of Paulo Freire , Rodriguez has led the way in contemporary communication studies over the past fifteen years, especially in regard to gender, having conducted participatory action research with marginalised groups in Nicaragua, Colombia, Spain, Chile, and among Latino communities in the United States (US) and contributing an impressive tally of academic publications to the field.

One of her most influential publications, Fissures in the Mediascape: An International Study of Citizens' Media (2001) examines the fluid long-term micro-processes of social change elicited by four examples of electronic citizen media across Nicaragua, Catalonia, Colombia and Latino communities in the US. The book proposes a dynamic theoretical framework for understanding alternative media and its relation with culture and social change and remains highly influential to media studies. Also in 2001, Rodriguez co-founded ‘OURMedia’ (‘NUESTROSMedios’) – the online global network of researchers and practitioners of alternative, community and citizens' media . The interactive website is committed to creative grassroots activism, through videos, podcasts, blogs and other forms of online media and stands in conscious opposition to the dominant versions of reality espoused by mainstream media. 
Rodriguez is currently an associate professor at the University of Oklahoma and, since 1996, has re-directed her research interests towards Colombian culture(s) and their relationship with social and political violence, with strong emphasis on gender, development discourse, local citizens' media, Colombian telenovelas and the life-stories of Colombian women in violent contexts. 
Key Texts
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 Compiled by Erin Riddell February 2011

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