The Centre for Communication and Social Change will hold a boutique conference in late January 2013 and we want you to be involved.

Entitled Beyond the Impasse: Exploring New Thinking in Communication & Social Change. Silvio Waisbord, Florencia Enghel,  Jo Tacchi will be the keynote speakers.

The Centre is interested in receiving abstracts that explore:

  • New advances in the theorisation of CSC
  • Emerging inter-disciplinary perspectives
  • Locally specific, context-based approaches to understanding key buzz words in CSC including ‘participation’, ‘access’ and ‘empowerment’
  • Innovative CSC methods, including visual methodologies
  • Critical perspectives on the creation and implementation of CSC policy
  • The political economy of CSC policy
  • Issues related to measuring ‘impact’ in CSC
  • The design of CSC interventions (i.e. software and hardware)

Centre co-director A/P Pradip Thomas said "As scholars working in the field of CSC, it falls to us to provide a coherent critique of contemporary realities and identify effective practices that can make a real difference in people’s lives. We need to go beyond post-development critiques and embrace a politics of the possible for the 21st century."

Abstracts (200 words) should be submitted to no later than 15 July 2012.

More information about the Conference here.


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