Research training

The Centre offers a niche area for PhD research that draws students from around the world, and from diverse disciplinary backgrounds. The Centre provides its research students with support, including top-up and field work scholarships, conference funding and writing retreats. Read more about research training opportunities here.

Coursework Masters (Communication for Social Change)

The Centre convenes the Master of Communication (Communication for Social Change), under the School of Journalism and Communication. It is designed to strengthen critical skills, build capacities for work in the public, inter-governmental and NGO sectors, and build research excellence. Read more about postgraduate programs here.

Professional development

To help professionals from diverse sectors implement CSC principles, the CfCSC offers training modules in CSC areas to build capacity and increase expertise in this area. Leading specialists facilitate training in areas such as participatory development communication, facilitation of community engagement in development, innovative communication tools and ICTs in development. Short courses on related topics can be catered for. Read more about professional development here.

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