Mohamad Fiky, CSC Master Student
Mohamad Fiky, CSC Master Student



Communication and Social Change Masters student Mohamed Fiky Herdiansyah completed a practicum placement at the APNIC Foundation.  

During his time there, Fiky was involved in a range of activities including structuring country profiles on Fiji and Vanuatu for readiness assessments to establish national Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) in each country, providing feedback on a funding proposal, and translating a training video. 

Fiky took some time away from his studies to answer questions about the placement.

Of the inspiration behind working at the APNIC Foundation, Fiky told us that he wanted to give himself “a challenge to learn new things.” Further, he “wanted to experience working in an international NGO.”

When asked about the best learning experience at the Foundation, Fiky stated that it was being involved in the CERT readiness assessments for Vanuatu and Fiji, noting that he learned a lot about the two countries’ ICT infrastructure and policies related to CERT implementation.   

He added that he learned that “one country was better equipped in addressing their cybersecurity incidents because they have the necessary and clear cybersecurity strategies and policies...” 

Fiky identified the biggest challenge of the placement as “understanding the technical terms in the assessment.”

When asked about the value of the practicum placement to his studies and future career goals, Fiky responded, “I am still deciding where in the development sector I will direct myself.” 

Fiky is hoping to have a clearer picture of this future direction at a later point in his studies. 

Overall, the placement was a positive experience with Fiky finding the APNIC team and his supervisor to be “very nice and intellectually inspiring.”




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