The aim of this project is to implement and evaluate a comprehensive evidence based strategy to address the palliative care needs of people residing in Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs).

The objectives are to: 

· Translate existing evidence based guidelines (palliative care and pain management) into policy and practice
  (including documentation)
·   Provide education to all nursing and care staff at all levels working in the RACFs using existing training materials
·   Establish, train and support link nurses in each RACF
·   Promote the use of existing GP on-line training modules to support GPs in providing a palliative approach to 
   residents in their care

·   Implement the BSPCC End-of-life Care Pathway for residents requiring terminal care
·   Develop a palliative care case conferencing learning resource (DVD and hard copy) for residents and family 
   members, nursing staff and GPs

·   Develop from existing training modules a self-directed learning module for Link nurses

Chief Investigator(s):
Associate Professor Deborah Parker (UQ)
Dr Anthony Tuckett (UQ)
Project Manager:
Ms Karen Clifton (UQ)
Research Team:
Mr Peter Jenkin, Southern Adelaide Palliative Services (SA)
Ms Helen Walker, Cancer Palliative Care Network, Department of Health (WA)
Assoc Prof Liz Reymond, Brisbane South Palliative Care Service (QLD)
Ms Felicite Black, Brightwater (WA)
Ms Margaret Broomfield, Queensland Health (QLD)
Ms Liz Costello, Boandik Lodge (SA)
Ms Julie Elliot, Blue Care (QLD)
Ms Carol Rowden, Blue Care (QLD)
Ms Florence Padman, Padman Health (SA)
Funded By:
Australian Government Department of Health & Ageing
Encouraging Best Practice in Residential Aged Care (EBPRAC) program
Project Commencement Date:
December 2008
Duration of Project:
2¼ years














For further information, please go to the CareSearch website:

Comprehensive Evidence Based strategy to address the Palliative Care needs of people residing in Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs) (CEBPARAC) - more information

CEBPARAC Final Report

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