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Citizens, Mercenaries, and the Army Discussion Panel

Join the Antiquities Museum and a panel of UQ experts for a panel discussion on the topic of Citizens, Mercenaries and the Army in the Ancient and Modern Worlds.

Why Citizenship? Stories from Athens and Rome

A new exhibition exploring what citizenship meant to people in ancient Athens and Rome, and why it still matters in the modern world, opening June 2017.

The Fr Leo Hayes Collection of Ancient Coins

A new exhibition from the Antiquities Museum's coin collection.

Gifts of ancient coins enrich UQ Antiquities Museum

Ancient coins have recently enriched the collection of the RD Milns Antiquities Museum at The University of Queensland.

Egypt: Land of the Pharaohs

From the institution of the Pharaoh-king to their distinctive religious and funerary practices, ancient Egypt has an enduring appeal in the modern day. Egypt: Land of ...

Dr Owen Powell OAM Medical Collection

In 2015, the Museum acquired a rare and significant Roman medical collection, including a medicine-box decorated with the figure of Asclepius and a full set of Roman medi...
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