The RD Milns Antiquities Museum Shop offers a range of products including key-rings and history-themed rulers, posters and mousepads, and totebags and tea towels.
We also offer a range of books including exhibition catalogues and topical volumes linked to our current exhibition. For more information or to make a purchase, please contact the Museum office on (07) 3365 3010 or via email at
Books from the Museum Shop, including exhibition catalogues, can now be purchased online.
Museum Shop section

A Study in Stone Exhibition Catalogue

$20.00 | A Study in Stone Exhibition Catalogue, 2014 (click to view preview)

Archangels and Archaeology - Dr Geoff Ginn

$45.00 | Archangels & Archaeology: J.S.M. Ward’s Kingdom of the Wise,  is the story of John Ward’s extraordinary life and career, a...

Coin Packs

$4.50 | Various types presented in a small carboard wallet with associated information | Choose from: Cleopatra and Antony Denarius; Athenian Stater; Julius Caesar Aureus (pictured).

Cyprus: An Island and A People Catalogue

$5.00 | Cyprus: An Island and A People Exhibition Catalogue, 2015 (click to view preview)

Key Rings

$4.50 | Various styles in Pewter attached to a key chain | Choose from: Egyptian Cat; Roman Gladiator (4 Types); Corinthian Helmet; Athenian Drachma (pictured).

Love's Obsession - Dr Judy Powell

$30.00 | Love's Obsession: The lives and archaeology of Jim and Eve Stewart, is the true story of Jim and Eve Stewart, two Australians with a passionate devotion to the island of Cyprus and its archaeology.


$7.00 | A sheet of magnetic hieroglyphic alphabet letters with an information card about what each symbol means as well as more generally about hieroglyphics.

Mouse Pads

$9.00 | A mouse mat showing the Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet. The background shows original Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Our Cypriot Kitchen - Cypriot Youth Brisbane

$50.00 | Featuring 50 traditional recipes accompanied by delicious food photos, this Cypriot cookbook reveals the many secret techniques and ingredients of Cypriot cuisine.


$4.50 | An A3 size poster showing coin portraits of the Roman emperors from Augustus in 27 BC to Romulus Augustus in AD 475.


$4.50 | Various types (30cm) | Choose from: Timeline of Greek History; Egyptian Hieroglyphics; Timeline of Roman History (pictured).

Tea Towels

$10.00 | A Study in Stone Tea Towels              

Tote Bag

$10.00 | A Study in Stone Tote Bags                        

Twelve Caesars Coin Pack

$35.00 | This coin pack has a replica Denarius of each of the first twelve Caesars from Julius Caesar to Domitian. The reverse of the pack has information about the Twelve

Wax Tablet

$45.00 | Replica Roman red-wax tablet with stylus, cotton bag and Roman alphabet information.
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