The RD Milns Antiquities Museum makes its collection available to student researchers at the Honours level in a variety of disciplines.

Generally, projects are first arranged with a suitable supervisor in your chosen disicpline in consultation with the Antiquities Museum Director and Collection Manager. Note that restrictions apply to enrollment in the UQ Honours Program, see your discipline for the latest information.

Current Projects

  • Residue analysis of Egyptian kohl vessels (Soc. Sci.);
  • Scientific analysis of Coptic spindle-whorls (Soc. Sci.).

Past Projects

  • A scientific study of the Museum's Coptic textile (Soc. Sci.);
  • A study of the Museum's transport amphora (HPRC);
  • Analysis of desposits from three Etruscan funerary urns (Soc. Sci.);
  • A stylistic analysis of the Museum's Coptic textile (HPRC);
  • Numerous scientific studies of the Museum's coin collection (CMM);
  • 3D scanning of Greek vases (PhD Project, ITEE).


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