Our Mission

Through the care and preservation of its collection, the RD Milns Antiquities Museum seeks to educate and innovate by engaging with its communities and with the past.

The Museum is a dynamic public space that encourages interaction with, and understanding of, the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean, and the profound impact that these cultures have had upon the literature, art, politics, and society of our modern world.

These principles are embodied in our vision statement: RD Milns Antiquities Museum: Preserving, Connecting, and Inspiring.

Our Collection

In 1963, the purchase at a London auction-house of a Red-figure Attic amphora marked the establishment of a collection of Antiquities designed to enrich the teaching programs of Classics and Ancient History at The University of Queensland.

The RD Milns Antiquities Museum is now the foremost collection of classical Mediterranean antiquities in Queensland. A highly accessible teaching museum for both the general public and university-level students and researchers, the museum has grown from a small collection of artefacts to a catalogue of several thousands.

The Museum's archaeological material reflects the achievements of the great ancient civilisations that developed in the lands bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The collection provides the only comprehensive survey of ancient Mediterranean antiquities on public view in Queensland. The objects span almost 3500 years of history, and are in a variety of materials - stone, pottery, terracotta, metalware, and glass. Together they give a picture of the technological and artistic advances made by the forerunners of Western civilisation.

In 2007 the Antiquities Museum was renamed after Emeritus Professor Bob Milns, AM, retired professor of Classics and Ancient History at UQ and a great supporter and benefactor of the museum throughout his long career.

In 2013 the RD Milns Antiquities Museum celebrated its 50th Anniversary at the University of Queensland with a major exhibition entitled 'Then and Now: 50 Years of Antiquities.' A number of significant acquistions also marked this occasion.

Our Staff

Position Name Telephone Email Responsibilities
Director/Curator Dr Janette McWilliam (07) 3365 2650 j.mcwilliam@uq.edu.au Research, Policy and Strategy, Fundraising, HR
Senior Museum Officer
Mr James Donaldson (07) 3365 7490 j.donaldson@uq.edu.au Curatorial, Collections and Administration
Museum Engagement Officer Ms Rebecca Smith (07) 3365 3010 r.smith20@uq.edu.au Education and Outreach Programs, Events
Museum Office   (07) 3365 3010 antiquitiesmuseum@uq.edu.au  

Our Future

View and/or print a copy of the Antiquities Museum Strategic Plan 2015-2017.

Archived: Antiquities Museum Strategic Plan 2012-2014.

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Annual Reports

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Our Supporters

The Museum is grateful for the continuing and generous assistance of its network of supporters including the Friends of Antiquity.
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