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Work Health & Safety Coordinators

Gatton:  John Swift  (M) 0428 103 731
St Lucia: Kaye Vockenson (M) 0409 810 001


News and information about OHS training, hazard alerts, internal and external safety audits, and policies and procedures can be accessed via:

The Queensland Government’s Safety Alerts Page
The University’s OHS Communications Page
The University’s OHS Training Page
The School’s News Bulletin
The School's OHS Update Newsletter
The School’s Y drive

The School has a two-tiered occupational health and safety committee structure. Two Advisory Committees look at health and safety issues at the local level, one committee at each campus. Both Advisory committees report to the School’s OHS Committee, which takes a whole-of-school perspective.

SAFS OHS Committee

The School’s OHS Committee is guided by terms of reference and includes members representing staff and students at Gatton and St Lucia.

Meeting dates are planned to precede Faculty OHS meetings to enable the School to report on committee proceedings at Faculty level. 2014 School meeting dates: 26 February, 29 May, 28 August, 27 November.

Minutes of meetings are available for reading on a secured web page.

SAFS Safety Advisory Committees

The Safety Advisory Committees at Gatton and St Lucia are guided by terms of reference and have memberships representing campus based (St Lucia and Gatton) technical, scientific and research staff, research students and professional staff.  The St Lucia committee also includes representatives from the Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences.  

Meeting dates are intended to precede School OHS Committee meetings to enable the Advisory Committees to report on proceedings at School level.  

Minutes of meetings are available on the School’s Y drive



All new staff, postgraduate students, visitors, occupational trainees, honorary staff, and contractors must attend an OHS induction with the local Work Health and Safety Coordinator before commencement.


Prior to using SAFS laboratories and research units a site specific induction must be undertaken with the area manager.


Gatton OHS Induction Sessions

Tuesdays 10.00am–11.30am in Building 8117A, Room 103. Register with John Swift in Building 8117A, Room 125 with your name, supervisor's name, program/position.
Register at Reception in 8117A – 110 with your name, supervisor’s name, program/ position or email

St Lucia OHS Induction Sessions

Tuesdays 10.00am–11.30am in Hartley Teakle Building (83) Room S324. Register at the Operations Office, Hartley Teakle Building (83) Room S306 with your name, supervisor's name, program/position or email

New Staff Inductions

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