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The University of Queensland’s Sunflower Competition is designed to inspire current science students to become the next generation of plant and agricultural scientists and support teachers to deliver their science curriculum in a plant-based context.
The competition provides an interactive learning opportunity designed to actively contribute to the provision of a science-trained workforce that continues to position Australia at the forefront of agricultural production.

In 2016, the Experiment book will provide you with extra information relating to the existing experiments including contextual information like a) why do this experiment, b) how does it relate to the real world c) what concepts are being covered. 
We have also added a few simple ‘beginner’ experiments aimed at grades 7-8 and some suggestions on how to make the existing experiments more ‘advanced’, targeting the year 11-12 students. We want to make it easier for teachers to link the experiments to the curricula they’re teaching.
Design your own Experiment! In addition to growing sunflowers for the competition, you may want to design your own sunflower based experiment. Sunflowers are a good choice for experiments as they are easy to germinate, grow and maintain. Follow our simple guide to Designing your own Experiment
Rules of the Competition
Teachers and students can participate in a number of ways and be eligible to win cash prizes at the weigh-In day
They include:
1. Grow sunflowers only at their school as part of their curriculum (for students unable to come to the weigh-in day)
2. Grow sunflowers at their school and enter the “Communicating Science” component of the competition (for students unable to come to the weigh-in day)
3. Grow sunflowers at their school and bring along to the Gatton Campus for the official weigh-in day.Download a copy of the competition rules.

Communicating Science Competition
We are again inviting students in year 7 – 10 to submit an entry along with a reflective journal to document their experiences and the science behind growing their sunflowers.
This allows those students who cannot attend and participate in the weigh-in day the opportunity to also compete for prizes.
With the students’ permission, winning entries will be submitted into the Queensland Science Contest.
The due date for submissions will be the 23 May 2016.
Download Communicating Science Guideline
Important Dates
•     Competition opens: 7 November 2015
•    Registrations close: 12th February 2016
•    Planting date: 23rd February 2016
•    Submission date for Communicating Science entries: 2 May 2016 (if you would like it displayed at the Weigh in Day) Alternatively, the final date for submission is 24 May 2016.
•    Weigh-In Day: Tuesday 17th May 2016


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