Listed here are upcoming research student seminars for Honours, Coursework Research Projects and Research Higher Degree milestones.  

These seminars are open to all, and are generally 15 - 20 minutes in length.


PhD Mid candidature seminar – Bal Kumari SHARMA KHANAL
10.00am Thursday 11 August 2016 – St Lucia campus – 83-S429
‘Manipulation of textural properties of low-fat cheddar cheese’
Advisory team: Dr Nidhi Bansal, Dr Sangeeta Prakash and Prof Bhesh Bhandari
PhD Confirmation seminar – Pramesh DHUNGANA
2.30pm Monday 15 August 2016 – St Lucia campus – 83-S429
‘Effect of droplet size on functionality and stability of dairy emulsions’
Advisory team: Prof Bhesh Bhandari, Dr Tuyen Truong and Dr Nidhi Bansal
PhD Mid candidature seminar – Bridie SCHULTZ
2.00-3.00pm Monday 22 August 2016 – Gatton campus – 8117A-103
‘Genetic capture technology for the conservation of koalas in south east Queensland’
Advisory team: A/Prof Stephen Johnston and A/Prof Jennifer Seddon
PhD Mid candidature seminar – Maria BOTERO-URIBE
2.00-4.00pm Tuesday 23 August 2016 – St Lucia campus – 87 ITTC Seminar room
‘Developing a potato value chain from the raw material to the processed chip’
Advisory team: Prof Melissa Fitzgerald, Prof Robert Gilbert, A/Prof Kim Bryceson and Ms Jocelyn Midgley
PhD Confirmation seminar – Aloesi DAKUIDREKETI
11.30am – 2.00pm Thursday 25 August 2016 – St Lucia and Gatton campus (video conference) – 83-S323 and 8117a-103
‘Exploiting inducible disease resistance to improve tomato, Lycopersicum esculentum and pepper, Capsicum annum production in Fiji’
Advisory team: A/Prof Elizabeth Aitken, Dr Jitka Kochanek and Dr Michael Furlong
PhD Confirmation seminar – Lyndal HULSE
11.00am – 1.00pm Monday 29 August 2016 –Gatton campus  – 8117a-204
‘The effect of chlamydia on koala semen quality’
Advisory team: A/Prof Stephen Johnston and A/Prof Chiara Palmieri


No events scheduled yet  



17 July


PhD Mid Candidature Seminar - Liam Byrnes

The viability of green distributed power generation in a regional and remote context

10am Thursday 17 July
St Lucia Campus, Hartley Teakle Building - 83-S429
Supervisors: A/Prof Colin Brown, Prof John Foster, Dr Liam Wagner

11 July


School of Agriculture and Food Sciences heats for the 3 Minute Thesis Competition (3MT®)

St Lucia Campus 11:30am
Room S429, Hartley Teakle Building (83)

10 July


School of Agriculture and Food Sciences heats for the 3 Minute Thesis Competition (3MT®)

Gatton Campus 11:30am
Animal Studies Lecture Theatre 8150-153

4 July


PhD Confirmation Seminar - Anita Sikes
Biochemical and biophysical modifications of muscle proteins associated with tenderisation
Friday 4 July 2014 1pm
St Lucia Campus, Hartley Teakle Building - 83-S429 
Supervisors: Dr Bruce D'Arcy, Dr Ron Tume, A/Prof Robyn Warner

4 July


PhD Mid candidature Seminar - Ruobing Wang
The management of pesticide spray drift: a science based framework for the regulartory assessment of the physics of droplet movement in agriculture
Friday 4 July 2014 11am
St Lucia Campus, Hartley Teakle Building - 83-S429
Supervisors: Dr Gary Dorr, Prof Justin Cooper-White, Dr Andrew Hewitt

3 July


PhD Mid Candidature Seminar - Duy Phu Le

Identification of pythium species on ginger in Australia

Thursday 3 July 2014 2pm
St Lucia Campus, Hines Building - 62-324
Supervisors: A/Prof Liz Aitken and Dr Michael Smith

27 June


PhD Confirmation Seminar - Hooman Mirzaee

Isolation and characterisation of new antimicrobial compounds from soil microorganisms

Friday 27 June 2014 2pm
Video conference - 83-S324 (St Lucia) and 8117A-103 (Gatton)
Supervisors: Prof Peer Schenk, Dr Paul Dennis, Dr Lilia Carvalhais

27 June
PhD Confirmation Seminar - Jens Froese
Spatial risk modelling of infectious animal diseases using Bayesian Belief Networks and GIS
Friday 27 June 2014 10am
St Lucia Campus - 83-S524
Supervisors: Dr Carl Smith; Dr Rieks Van Klinken, Prof Clive McAlpine, Dr Peter Durr
25 June
PhD Confirmation Seminar - David Monckton
Development of best options for use and disposal of co-produced water from coal seam gas extraction

Wednesday 25 June 2014 2pm
St Lucia Campus - 83-C511 
Supervisors: Dr James Cavaye and Dr Suzanna Vink

2 June


PhD Mid Candidature Seminar - Paula Martinez

Genome diversity of Brassica Juncea

Thursday 29th May 2014 10am
Hartley Teakle building S429, St Lucia campus
Supervisors: Professor David Edwards and A/Prof Jacqueline Batley
29 May

PhD Confirmation Seminar - Prapa Taranet


Nitrogen cycling and temperature variations in sweetpotato cultivation on composted mounds


Monday 2 June 2014 10am

Hartley Teakle building S524, St Lucia campus

Supervisors: Dr Gunnar Kirchhof, Dr Ryosuke Fujinuma, Professor Neal Menzies

20 May


Bachelor of Environmental Science Honours Final Seminar Presentations

Tuesday 20th May 2014 9:00am - 12:30pm
Hartley Teakle Building, Room S429

9am Plant & Ecosytem Science 

Jamee King - The influence of co-dominant species on evapotranspiration in the semi-arid Brigalow belt, Queensland, Australia
Supervisor: Sven Arnold

9:25 Plant & Ecosystem Science 

Elly Pearce  - Is Bryodiversity an Indicator of Climate Change in Subtropical Rainforests?
Supervisors: Luke Shoo, Andrew Franks, Susanne Schmidt

9:50 Hydrology & Ecosystem Science

Andrew Woodruff - Groundwater flux in a tidally Influenced stream on North Stradbroke Island

Supervisors: Joshua Larsen, Nina Welti


10:15 Environmental Education


Bianca Zou - Teaching science communication for public engagement in tertiary science education: student, lecturer and employer beliefs

Supervisors: Louise Kuchel, Bernadette Watson

10:40-11am Morning Tea

11:00 Animal & Ecosystem Science

Jessica Peatey - Are urban birds street wise? Behavioural adaptations of birds to novel environments

Supervisors: Richard Fuller, Danielle Shanahan

11:25 Animal & Ecosystem Science

Bonita Prior  - Diet of green turtles occupying differing habitats within Port Curtis (Gladstone Harbour)

Supervisors: David Booth, Colin Limpus

11:50 Animal & Ecosystem Science

Rhiannon Rymer - Pattern of peri-urban habitat use and implications for conservation for koalas within the Somerset Region, Queensland

Supervisors: Clive McAlpine, Christine Adams-Hosking

9 May



PhD Confirmation Seminar - Lynette Molyneaux


Measuring resilience in energy systems


Friday 9th May 10am

Hartley Teakle building S524, St Lucia campus

Supervisors: A/Prof Colin Brown, Professor John Foster, Dr Liam Wagner

8 May


PhD Confirmation Seminar - Tao Hua


Potential use of constructed wetland technology to treat drainage from seawater neutralized bauxite residue mud storage areas


Thursday  8th May 2014 1.30pm 

Hartley Teakle building S429 St Lucia Campus 

Supervisors: Professor Richard Haynes, Dr Amiel Boullemant, Dr Ya-Feng Zhou

1 May



SAFS Compulsory RHD Information Meeting - St Lucia Campus
Thursday 1st May 2014 10am
Hartley Teakle Building, Room S429
There will be a COMPULSORY meeting for all SAFS RHD students (on the St Lucia campus) who commenced in the last 3 months or who have not previously attended a RHD student information meeting on Thursday 1st May 10am 83-S429. Professor Shu Fukai, SAFS PGC will welcome you and answer any questions you may have and available members of the SAFS RHD committee will attend the meeting along with members of the RHD Student Association.  Principal and Associate advisors are also welcome to attend this meeting to assist them in supervising their candidates.

2 April


PhD Confirmation Seminar – Kylie Wenham
Development of rapid phenotypic screening techniques for important soil borne diseases affecting Australian peanuts

Wednesday 2nd April 2014 3pm
Animal Studies Building (8150), Room 131, Gatton Campus
Supervisors: A/Prof Vic Galea, Dr Graeme Wright, Prof Wayne Bryden, Dr Malcolm Ryley

1 April



PhD Confirmation Seminar - Ilyas Mumu

Post-partum anoestrous in Bali cattle under low-input animal 
production systems in eastern island Indonesia

Gatton Campus  8150-153
Supervisors: Professor Dennis Poppi, Dr Simon Quigley, 
Dr Stephen Anderson, Professor Michael McGowan



5 August




PhD Mid Candidature Seminar - Ms Sharmin Afroz

Collective management of water resources in coastal Bangladesh: formal and substantive approaches

12 noon Tuesday 5 August
St Lucia Campus, Hartley Teakle Building - 83-S5249
Supervisors: Professor Rob Cramb, Dr Tanya Jakimow, Dr Clemens Grunbuhel

11 August

Faculty of Science Final of the 2014 Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition

Monday 11 August 2014
3pm - 4pm
AIBN Seminar Room
Level 1, Building 75
The University of Queensland, St Lucia

RSVP your attendance

8 September

PhD Thesis Review Seminar - Normasita Sidek

Determinants of electronic payment adoption in Malaysia: the stakeholders' perspectives

3pm Monday 8th September
St Lucia Campus, Hartley Teakle Building - 83-S524
Supervisors: A/Professor Kim Bryceson, A/Professor Damian Hine

12 September

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition Heats

Friday 12 August 2014
9am - 11:30am
Venue to be confirmed

16-17 September
2014 UQ Undergraduate Research Conference
This event showcases some of UQ’s finest undergraduate research projects through oral and poster presentations.
Tuesday 16 September - Wednesday 17 September 2014
9am - 4pm
Innes Room 1 & 2, UQ Union Complex
The University of Queensland, St Lucia
17 September

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition Finals

Wednesday 17 August 2014
4pm - 6pm
Innes Room 1 & 2, UQ Union Complex
The University of Queensland, St Lucia

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