Tackling global challenges with 'New Agriculture'

World-leading researchers within the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences are committed to finding solutions to global issues related to diminishing natural resources, climate change and feeding a growing population.
Research undertaken by the School's 150 scientists encompasses a broad suite of disciplines to design agricultural systems integrating plant, animal, soil and food sciences with social, environmental and economic variables.

"...integrating plant, animal, soil and food sciences with social, environmental and economic variables..."

With the world population predicted to hit 9 billion in 2050 and declining land and water resources, we need to do more with less.
The ‘New Agriculture’ that underpins the School’s research base strengthens sustainability and protects biodiversity, while improving productivity to meet this challenge.

Using cutting-edge technology and integrating disciplines

The School's researchers are using the latest molecular and genetic approaches to rapidly produce new plant varieties that can better withstand different environments and produce higher yields.
Integrating plant science, microbiology, engineering and biotechnology, researchers are also developing new plant-based fuels  alcohol fuel products from sugar and sorghum, green diesel from vegetable oil, and micro-algal biofuel systems.
Ranked first in the nation for agricultural and environmental sciences, the School's researchers are developing new approaches to solve the important environmental problems and better manage and conserve the environment under all land uses.
Vulnerable wildlife is being better protected through research into disease prevention and treatment as well as development of innovative captive breeding programs.
Research income exceeds $13.5 million per year and the School is internationally recognised for its research quality and commercialisation of discoveries. 
UQ Research Strengths - an overview of the Research Strengths of The University of Queensland including Agriculture and Food Sciences.


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