Honorary Associate Professor
BSc Agr (Hons 1) University of Sydney 1959
PhD University of Sydney 1964

Hartley Teakle Building, Room S507, St Lucia Campus
P: 07 3365 2867
M: 0411 276 593
F:  07 3365 1188
E:  p.dart@uq.edu.au 

Professional Membership of: 

  • Soil Science Australia
  • Australian Plant Pathology Society
  • Australian Society for Nitrogen Fixation
  • Environment Institute of Australian and New Zealand

Expertise Topics

  • Climate change mitigation
  • Primary production and coastal zone management in Vietnam Lower Mekong Basin
  • Forest carbon sequestration and REDD
  • Tree nutrition
  • Agroforestry
  • Soil biology - soil microbiology, nitrogen fixation and soil fertility, biological control, agricultural biotechnology
  • Animal probiotics; Wastewater and biosolid management
  • Farming systems
  • Natural resource management
  • Knowledge transfer
  • International agriculture and integrated rural development

Current Research Projects

  • ARC Linkage Grant with Ridley AgriProducts “Evaluation of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens H57 as a probiotic in livestock using animal nutrition studies and metagenomics”
  • Farm economic costs of coal seam gas extraction
  • Development of an Action and Management Plan for the Kien Giang Biosphere Reserve

Research Project Opportunities

  • Biocontrol of plant fungal diseases
  • Innovation in climate change adaptation
  • REDD

Selected Publications

more than 30 Consultancy Reports on Agriculture and Rural Development involving visits to 19 countries, more than 150 research and review papers in journals and 14 book chapters, editor of 3 books, inventor of 4 patents on biological control of plant pathogens

Key Stakeholder Engagement

Australian Conservation Foundation Councilor

Teaching and Development

Currently Associate Advisor to 5 postgraduate scholars


Worked with Government Agencies, private industry and Universities (Sydney, Harvard, London, ANU, Queensland) in 8 countries.  Since 1972 appraised and developed projects for International Agencies including World Bank; AIDAB and AusAID; UKODA; USAID; UNDP; UNEP; FAO; ACIAR; Rockefeller Foundation; IITA: IRRI: ICARDA; ICRAF, CIAT, ICRISAT, IAEA, All India Coordinated Programs for sorghum, millet, groundnut, chickpea and nitrogen fixation; Indian Standards Institute. Indonesian Dept of Agriculture: Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research involving Quinquennial External Program and Management Review of the International Centre for Research on Agroforestry (ICRAF), and of the International Centre for Research on Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) both with an annual budget of c. $30million.



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