Dr Luke Leung
Dr Luke Leung
Senior Lecturer
Animal Studies Building (8150) Room 117, Gatton Campus
P: +61 7 5460 1264
E: luke.leung@uq.edu.au

Professional Membership of:

Australian Mammal Society

Expertise Topics

  • Ecology and conservation of native mammals in Australia and Asia
  • Ecology and control of introduced vertebrate pests in Australia and Asia

Research Projects

  • Ecology and conservation of the Northern Hopping Mouse on Groote Eylandt
  • Ecology and conservation of the Bare-rumped Sheathtail Bat in Cape York
  • Ecology and conservation of bats in Melanesia 
  • Ecology and conservation of frogs in the Solomon Islands

Research Project Opportunities

  • Ecology and conservation of a native mammal in Australia or Asia
  • Ecology and control of an introduced vertebrate pest in Australia or Asia

Selected Publications

  • Allen, B. L., Allen, L.R., Engeman, R. M., Leung, L. K.-P.  (2013). Intraguild relationships between sympatric predators exposed to lethal control: predator manipulation experiments. Frontiers in Zoology 2013 10:39.
  • Lavery, Tyrone H., Fisher, Diana O., Flannery, Tim F. and Leung, Luke K-P (2013) Higher extinction rates of dasyurids on Australo-Papuan continental shelf islands and the zoogeography of New Guinea mammals. Journal of Biogeography, 40 4: 747-758.
  • Allen, B. L., Fleming P. J.S., Allen, L.R., Engeman, R. M., Ballard, G, Leung, L. K.-P.  (2013). As clear as mud: A critical review of evidence for the ecological roles of Australian dingoes. Biological Conservation 159: 158–174
  • Allen BL, Leung L. K.-P. (2012) Assessing Predation Risk to Threatened Fauna from their Prevalence in Predator Scats: Dingoes and Rodents in Arid Australia. PLoS ONE 7(5): e36426.
  • Starr C, Nekaris KAI, Leung L (2012) Hiding from the Moonlight: Luminosity and Temperature Affect Activity of Asian Nocturnal Primates in a Highly Seasonal Forest. PLoS ONE 7(4): e36396
  • Kaboodvandpour, Shahram and Leung, Luke K. -P. (2012) Modelling density thresholds for managing mouse damage to maturing wheat. Crop Protection, 42 : 134-140.
  • Cruz, Jennyffer, Sutherland, Duncan R., Martin, Gary R. and Leung, Luke K-P (2012) Are smaller subspecies of common brushtail possums more omnivorous than larger ones?. Austral Ecology, 37 8: 893-902.
  • Lavery, Tyrone H., Watson, Justin J. and Leung, Luke K. -P. (2012) Terrestrial vertebrate richness of the inhabited Torres Strait Islands, Australia. Australian Journal of Zoology, 60:180-191.
  • Cruz, J, Sutherland, D. R. and Leung, L. K. -P. (2012) Den use, home range and territoriality of the koomal (Trichosurus vulpecula hypoleucus) with implications for current forest management strategies. Australian Journal of Zoology, 60 3: 141-151
  • Bengsen, A., Leung L. K. -P, Lapidge, S. J. and Gordon, I. J. (2011) Testing target-specific bait delivery for controlling feral pigs in a tropical rainforest. Ecological Management & Restoration 12:226-229
  • Nguyen Thi My Phung, Peter R. Brown and Luke K.-P. Leung (2011) The diet of the female ricefield rat, Rattus argentiventer, influences their breeding performance in a mixed rice cropping ecosystem in An Giang province, the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Wildlife Research, 38:610–616
  • Starr, C, Nekaris, K.A.I., Streicher, U. and Leung, L. K.-P.  (2011). Field surveys of the vulnerable pygmy slow loris (Nycticebus pygmaeus) using local knowledge in Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia. Oryx 45:135–142.

Key Stakeholder Engagement

  • Invasive Animal CRC
  • GRDC
  • Bhp Billiton
  • Rio Tinto

Teaching and Development

AGRC1020 Applied Animal Biology
Wildlife research field methods 


I am a field ecologist with strong interest in the management of wildlife populations. I spend a lot of time doing field research with rare and endangered species, as well as vertebrate pests such as introduced rats and mice for both conservation and management outcomes. My study sites range from cereal crop fields, to desert, rainforests and offshore islands in Australia and Asia. My research projects are in conservation biology, ecology of mammals, behavioural ecology of vertebrates, and predator-prey relationships in vertebrates.

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