Professor Ian Godwin
Professor Ian Godwin
Professor in Plant Molecular Genetics
PhD, The University of Queensland
BAgrSc (Hons), The University of Queensland
John Hines Building (62) Room 334, St Lucia Campus
P: +61 7 3365 2141
F: +61 7 3365 1177

Expertise Topics

  • Molecular and genomics approaches to cereal improvement
  • Cereal quality biotechnology
  • GM cereals
  • Marker assisted selection in crop plants

Research Projects

  • NextGen Sorghum: genomics for the bio-economy (ARC Linkage)
  • eSorghum as a bio-fuel feedstock for arid environments (ARC Linkage)
  • Genetic and environmental factors controlling higher-level starch structure (ARC Discovery)
  • Eco-Turf: Water and nutrient use efficient turfgrasses from Australian biodiversity (ARC Linkage)
  • The control of basal stem rot of oil palm caused by Ganoderma in Solomon Islands (ACIAR)
  • Molecular approaches to improving rice cold tolerance (RIRDC)

Research Project Opportunities

  • Genomic approaches to improving cereal quality
  • Elucidating the sorghum cereal transcriptome
  • Improving the food quality of sorghum for human consumption
  • GM technologies for sorghum and rice
  • Identification of the molecular basis of Ganoderma-oil palm interactions
  • Utilising the genetic diversity of Australian native sorghums and rices

Selected Publications

  • Mace ES, Tai S, Gilding EK, Li Y, Prentis PJ, Bian L, Campbell BC, Hu W, Innes DJ, Han X, Cruickshank A, Dai C, Frère C, Zhang H, Hunt CH, Wang X, Shatte T, Wang M, Su Z, Li J, Lin X, Godwin ID, Jordan DR, Wang J (2013). Whole genome resequencing reveals untapped genetic potential in Africa’s indigenous cereal crop sorghum. Nature Communications 4: 2320. doi:10.1038/ncomms3320
  • E.K. Gilding. C.H. Frere, A. Cruickshank, A.K. Rada, P.J. Prentis, A.M. Mudge, E.S. Mace, D.R. Jordan and I.D. Godwin (2013). Allelic variation at a single gene increases food value in a drought-tolerant staple cereal. Nature Comunications. 4: 1483 doi: 10.1038/ncomms2450
  • G. Liu and I.D. Godwin (2012). Highly efficient sorghum transformation. Plant Cell Rep. 31: 999-1007
  • Frere, C.H, Prentis, P.J., Gilding, E.K., Mudge, A.M, Cruickshank, A and Godwin, I.D. (2011) Lack of low frequency variants masks patterns of non-neutral evolution following domestication. PLoS One 6: e23041.
  • Laidlaw, H.K.C., Mace, E.S., Williams, S.B., Sakrewski, K., Mudge, A.M, Prentis, P.J. Jordan, D.R. and Godwin, I.D. (2010). Allelic variation of the β-, γ- and δ-kafirin genes in diverse Sorghum genotypes. Theor. Appl. Genet. 121: 1227-1237
  • Campbell, B.C., LeMare, S., Piperidis, G. and Godwin, I.D. (2010). IRAP, a retrotransposon based marker system for the detection of somaclonal variation in barley. Molec. Breed. 27: 193-206.
  • K.B. Ritter, C.L. McIntyre, D.R. Jordan, S.C. Chapman, E.S. Mace and I.D. Godwin (2008) Identification of QTL for sugar-related traits in sweet x grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) inbred population. Molec. Breed. 22: 367-384.
  • Ritter, K.B., McIntyre, C.L., Godwin, I.D., Jordan, D.R. and Chapman, S.C. (2007). An assessment of the genetic relationship between sweet and grain sorghums, within Sorghum bicolor ssp. bicolor (L.) Moench, using AFLP markers. Euphytica 157:161-176.

Key Stakeholder Engagement

  • Pacific Seeds
  • Advanta Seeds
  • Jimboomba Turf
  • Dairy Innovation Australia
  • Queensland Government
  • PNG Oil Palm Research Association
  • Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Limited

Teaching and Development

AGRC1020 Applied Animal Biology
AGRC1021 Applied Plant Biology
GNET2001 Agricultural Genetics and Biotechnology
BIOL3202 Plant Biology II
BIOL3203 Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
BIOL3200 Advanced Topics in Plant Science
BIOL3011 Plant Insect and Microbial Interactions