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The School of Agriculture and Food Sciences recognises that good science depends on effective collaboration and linkages with other top quality research institutions, industry and potential end-users.
With the rapid rise of the genomics and phenomics revolution, and dramatically improved communication systems, the School's researchers are initiating and growing tangible and successful collaborations with other top quality institutions and research groups both in Australia and overseas.
A great strength of the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences is its long-standing partnerships with local, national and international industries, governments and communities. These links are vital for effective research and helping direct future projects towards solutions to meet the needs of pastoral, agritechnology, food and biotechnology sectors.

"...good science depends on effective collaboration and linkages with other top quality research institutions, industry and potential end-users..."

The School's researchers are working with these partners to design agricultural and food systems for the future. They are developing new plant-based fuels for sustainable transport, improving productivity of tropical grasslands, helping develop remediation strategies for mined land, creating green spaces for healthy cities, controlling plant diseases through novel physiological and molecular approaches and working on flora and fauna conservation.
Environmental science research within the School also brings together disciplines to develop cutting-edge technologies and knowledge for the protection and remediation of soil and water resources.
To meet the challenge of feeding 9 billion people by 2050 the School is working with global companies and overseas governments on developing new crops and supporting communities develop sustainable agricultural systems. Researchers are using cutting-edge molecular and genetic approaches for the rapid generation of new crop varieties.
A list of current ARC Linkage Grants can be viewed here and a selection of other current industry and government research partnerships is listed below:

Selected research collaborations

  • Australian Coal Research Ltd

  • Dairy Australia Ltd
  • Dairy Innovation Australia Ltd

  • NT Government
  • Powerlink QLD

  • Queensland Government

  • Sugar Research & Development Corporation

  • Victorian Government

Improving sustainable agriculture in developing countries

Using environmentally sustainable approaches, UQ researchers are using their skills to increase agricultural productivity and improve rural livelihoods for the benefit of communities in developing countries.
Technologies and innovations developed by the School’s researchers are improving food safety and security, crop productivity, animal welfare and economic opportunities in countries such as Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands, South-West Asia, Indonesia, East Timor, the Philippines, Africa and China.
The School of Agriculture and Food Sciences partners with overseas governments, research, industry and community organisations through support provided by:

UQ researchers are involved in more than 50 ACIAR projects, including the projects listed below:


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