consultationThe School welcomes the opportunity to discuss potential consultation by our academics and research collaboration with industry partners and government. The range of academic and technical expertise and high-quality outcomes makes the School a desirable partner for collaborative research and development with government and industry.

If you are familiar with an academic within the School, please contact them to discuss your needs or visit UQ ReSEARCHers to find a suitable academic.

All other enquires can be directed to

Expert consultation

Experts can provide professional advice and comment on a range of areas relating to the animals, food and fibre industries.

Professional advice

  • Literature reviews
  • Management plans
  • Scoping studies
  • Business strategy and policy development
  • Developing fact sheets, guides, manuals and tools
  • Survey design
  • Viability of new technologies

 Expert opinion

  • Litigation based
  • Independent advice
  • Impartiality
  • Review Facts
  • Analysis
  • Written reports
  • Court witness
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Provides access to the diverse and experienced individual researchers and research groups across the university.


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