Scholarship and Prize Recipients
Scholarship and Prize Recipients

While not all recipients were able to attend, the evening was very successful and there was much praise for the evening, the venue, the food and the company.

Presentations were made of Semester 1, 2014 prizes to:

  • Ms Annie Allwright — B & B chamala Memorial Prize
  • Ms Noeleen Warman — Dr Mohamad Asghar Prize
  • Mr Zhong Xiang Cheah — ER Butler Prize
  • Ms Shona Wood — Downing Brothers Bursary

Presentations were made of Semester 2, 2014 prizes to:

  • Ms Samantha Connolly — Australian Society for Animal Production Prize in Animal Science
  • Mr Michael Wellington — Ben Brown Encouragement Award for Agricultural Science
  • Mr Hafiz Burkhan — Ben Brown Memorial Medal for Agricultural Science
  • Ms Amni Mohd Rodzi —John William Tierney Memorial Prize
  • Mr Michael Wellington — Lindsay and Richard Watson Prize
  • Mr Edward Perry — Russell Grigg Memorial Prize

Presentations were made of Semester 1, 2015 Scholarships to:

  • Mr Thien Quang Nguyen — David Farrell Postgraduate Award
  • Miss Tegan Moller — James and Everingham Bursary
  • Miss Poppy Sibthorpe — Maria Vasas Scholarship in Equine Science
  • Miss Ellen McVeigh — Renatus Ebersohn Scholarship
  • Mr Boyang Shi — The Peter Whiteman Memorial Bursary
  • Miss Katelyn Ferro — Robert Philp Scholarship
  • Miss Stephanie Sammes — Slade Scholarship
  • Miss Ellen McVeigh — Ivor A Gill Memorial Scholarship
  • Miss Taylor Bunworth — UQ Gatton Past Students Association Scholarship

Presentation were made of Semester 1, 2015 Honours Scholarships to:

  • Ms Chelsea Stroppiana Honours Scholarship in Agricultural Business
  • Ms Kathryn Eller Honours Scholarship in Environmental Science
  • Miss Kate Brazier Honours Scholarship in Food, Nutrition and Technology
  • Ms Megan Edwards Honours Scholarship in Animal Science
  • Mr Zhong Xiang Cheah Honours Scholarship in Plant and Soil Science

The Scholarship and Prizes Award Ceremony allows the School to publicly recognise the important gifts and support provided by donors in encouragement of our meritorious students. This appreciation is echoed by the past and present scholarship and prize recipients, who welcome the financial support provided for their studies along with the recognition and lifetime kudos such awards provide. We owe a huge thanks to donors, past and present, for the impact they are having on our future leaders and extend our gratitude to them for their ongoing support of our Scholarships and Prizes Program.


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