The trip encompassed part of the new Tropical Agriculture course, aimed at giving students a completely new setting to explore a range of farming systems, and compare these to the Australian agricultural practices.

It started with two and a half weeks based at the University of Gadjah Mada in the Yogyakarta Province. Here, the group was accompanied by Indonesian students and academics on field trips that ranged from rice and small crops, to vast plantations of tea, and from smallholder cattle, to large feedlots. Next stop was Lombok, with a balance of time spent looking at the success of extension projects involving the University of Queensland, and relaxing by the beach.

However, it wasn’t all hard work. Spare time was spent exploring the city, witnessing the chaos of traffic, shopping at traditional markets, expanding our palates with different foods, visiting ancient temples, and bonding with the Indonesian students.

In addition to the educational value gained by the students, they have returned with new perspectives on the Australian lifestyle. For many, this was their first time travelling overseas, and the cultural difference took some getting used to. The overall experience is going to remain a highlight of their undergraduate studies, leaving a lasting impression to be treasured for a lifetime. (Contributed by Jasmine Marsh, Jade Chan and Taleta Bailey)

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